Matty Changing Mat, Dusty Grey 護理墊 霧灰

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如此簡單,如此獨特。Leander Matty™ 護理墊為更衣與更換尿布台的概念設定了新標準。革命性的護理墊在為您的寶寶換尿布時提供安全和輕鬆的環境。它由最柔軟的 PUR 泡沫製成 - 一種獨特的材料,非常接近裸露皮膚的感覺,並很快適應室溫。 

屢獲殊榮的設計具有現代感,將成為您家中的時尚單品。模製的 Matty™ 護理墊非常耐用。它沒有可以藏匿灰塵和細菌的接縫或裂縫處。這意味著護理墊即使在日常使用數年後仍能保持衛生。防水表面易於清潔並可使用酒精消毒。

Leander Matty™ 護理墊重量輕,背部堅固,穩定性更好,因此您可以隨身攜帶並隨意放置,例如放在梳妝台、桌子或地板上。小橡膠腳確保通風並防止更換墊下方的表面受潮並留下痕跡。Matty™ 尿布護理墊根據歐洲兒童安全和危險物質標准進行測試和認證。

2019 年德國設計獎得主。

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Made in Denmark

EN 71-3認證
防水材質 模壓PUR泡沫|層壓木板


H:11 x B: 50 x L:70 cm
3 KG

因產品為特殊訂購產品,如無庫存,Leander & Linea 產品需要3-4月的訂購時間。

創始人兼設計師 - STIG LEANDER 故事始於 1998 年,Leander 是一間家具公司,但它不僅僅是設計家具,它是創造關於激發兒童發展的遊戲、運動和創造力的家具。養育孩子的家具,讓您和孩子的日常生活變得更輕鬆。在 Leander,我們相信形式、功能和誠實的材料為首要,並且最好的設計始於需求。

每一件家具的背後,都是深思熟慮的願景和精湛的工藝。選擇 Leander 家具時,您投資的不僅僅是為一個孩子購買一件家具,而是購買可以繼承的家具。這就是 Leander 所說的責任和可持續性。

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So simple, but oh so unique. With the Leander Matty™ changing mat, new standards are set for the concept of a changing station. The revolutionary changing mat provides safety and ease when changing your baby. It is made from the softest PUR foam - a unique material that is extremely close to the feeling of bare skin and adapts to room temperature very quickly. 

The award-winning design has a acontemporary look and will be a stylish it-piece in your home.  The molded Matty™ changing mat is extremely durable. It has no seams or cracks where dirt and bacteria can hide. This means that the changing mat stays hygienic, even after several years of daily use. The water-repellent surface is easy to clean and can be disinfected.

The Leander Matty™ changing mat is leight in weight and has a firm back for better stability so that you can take it with you and place it whereever you like, for example on a dresser, a table or on the floor. Small rubber feet ensure ventilation and prevent the surface under the changing pad from getting damp and leaving marks. The Matty™ changing mat is tested and certified according to the European standard for child safety and dangerous substances.

German Design Award winner 2019.

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Certifications: EN 71-3
Moulded PUR foam, laminated wooden board
European standard for child safety and dangerous substances

Clean with a textile cloth with a little water and mild soap and disinfect with a textile cloth with alcohol