Roe & Joe, Longsleeve Organic N°1 Rose 粉色羅紋長袖上衣 2-4y

$790 TWD

Roe & Joe 最暢銷的羅紋長袖上衣,由 100% 有機棉製成。可作為舒適的穿衣基礎和完整的造型,以及可搭配同款的羅紋緊身褲的套裝。有機棉是有機種植的—在封閉的水循環中,不使用轉基因植物或化學殺蟲劑。它通過了 GOTS 認證。

成分: 100% 有機棉

  • GOTS

    尺寸: 尺碼表
    Uliana 身高 125 cm,穿著 122 碼

    在波蘭的 Pani Joli 縫紉室製造。品牌版型偏寬鬆

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    Roe & Joe's bestselling ribbed longsleeve in spring edition, made of 100% organic cotton. Longsleeve can serve as a comfortable base and complete styling, as well as a set with ribbed leggings. Available in taupe, light brown, powder pink, chocolate brown and green.

    Organic cotton is grown organically - in a closed water cycle and without the use of genetically modified plants or chemical pesticides. It is GOTS certified.

    Composition: 100% organic cotton




    Uliana is 125 cm and wears a size 122

    Made in our sewing room in Poland.