The Laundress, Classic Signature Detergent 全效洗衣精 Classic


Signature Detergent 是我們為“日常洗衣”而設計的配方。全效洗衣精適合所有的衣物使用。具有護色、去汙漬酵素配方,適用於任何水溫以及任何洗滌方式。可去除蛋白質污漬、澱粉、油脂、污垢和絨毛和絨毛等顆粒。




容量:32 fl.oz. / 1 liter。


THE LAUNDRESS®由 Lindsey Boyd 和 Gwen Whiting 於2004年於紐約攜手創立。它優質經典的衣物與居家清潔產品,以一種優雅清新的生活美學,重新演繹每個人最熟悉卻也最易忽略的衣物與居家洗滌方式。THE LAUNDRESS以三倍濃縮、高效率的洗淨能力,輕鬆洗去衣物污漬,更針對不同布料推出專屬清洗用品;其居家清潔系列以天然溫和的潔淨成份,去除髒污與異味。成功結合時尚與環保概念,完善保存與維護衣物與居家環境清潔。

有鑒於市面上的洗滌成分多半含有人工添加物,使用後不但易造損害衣服材質、傷害肌膚、更破壞居住環境。THE LAUNDRESS 以頂級衣物保養專家自許,全系列產品皆由 Lindsey Boyd 與 Gwen Whiting 兩位創辦人親身測試,其特色如下:
- 使用環保素材及純植物萃取配方,對環境無害
- 產品原料對環境無害、無污染,100%可被微生物分解
- 無添加磷化物、漂白劑、防腐劑、鄰苯二甲酸化鹽等化學過敏物質
- 絕不使用動物脂肪於衣物柔軟精中

獨特的香味融合了Lindsay 和Gwen最喜歡的精油和香氛,創造出專屬於 THE LAUNDRESS 獨特的香味。每一款香味,都像是一款製作精良的酒,充滿著豐富的前味、中味和後味。THE LAUNDRESS 精心選擇每一款香味與每一款清潔用途產品的搭配,創造出最愉悅的清潔經驗。

  • Scented in Classic, the ultimate "clean laundry smell" for everyday laundry
  • 33.3 FL OZ (1.04 QT) 0.98 L
  • Concentrated formula64 washes

We created our Signature Detergent for those who take their everyday laundering seriously. This all-purpose formula whitens, brightens, and preserves color while removing stains.

Our start-to-finish laundering collection in Classic scent is the ultimate "clean laundry smell," blending lily of the valley and jasmine with sweet musk, sandalwood, and a touch of citrus.

Ingredients: water, sodium laureth sulfate, glycerin, C12-16 pareth-7, cocamidopropyl betaine, lauryl glucoside, acrylic/acrylate ester copolymer, triethanolamine, sodium gluconate, styrene/acrylates copolymer, tetrasodium glutamate diacetate, calcium chloride, protease, lipase, cellulase, amylase, mannanase, fragrances, benzisothiazolinone. Geraniol, citronellol, linalool, eugenol, coumarin and alpha-isomethyl ionone are fragrance allergens. Phosphate free.

Color and texture may vary with plant-derived ingredients.

No animal ingredients or animal testing.

Dermatologist tested

CAUTION: Keep out of reach of children. Avoid contact with eyes. Do not ingest. If swallowed, seek medical advice.

Assembled in The USA

Did you know...

Signature Detergent is our formula designed for “everyday laundry.” It is available in a variety of scents as well as Fragrance-Free.

Everyday items are made of cotton, linen, or durable synthetics: socks, cotton underwear, T-shirts, khakis, button-down shirts, and sheets and towels. This product contains a combination and concentration of highly effective cleaning enzymes that are not found in grocery store-brand products. These ingredients remove protein stains, starches, oils, soil, and particles like lint and fuzz.

The most intense cleaning is achieved with hot water and a long cycle. We recommend adjusting the water temperature and cycle setting for the level of cleaning required (dirtiness) and size of the wash load. For example, white sheets and towels are best laundered with hot water and a long wash cycle, while everyday colors can be laundered using a normal cycle with warm or cold water.

Wash like colors. 
Separate sheets and towels. 
Pretreat stains.

For best results: Effective in all water temperatures. We recommend washing whites, light colors, and heavily soiled cotton or linen items in hot water. Wash darks, colors, and synthetic items in warm or cold water.


1 capful

64 washes

HE Machine | Regular Cycle

2 capfuls / 1/8 cup / 30 ml / 1 oz.

32 washes

Non-HE Machine | Regular Cycle

4 capfuls / 1/4 cup / 60 ml / 2 oz.

16 washes