Konges Sløjd, Wooden Doctor Set 醫生盒

$1,380 TWD

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產品包含:boo-boo 管、聽診器、注射器、藥滴、勺子、耳鏡、繃帶、帶磁鐵的醫生名牌和手提箱

由 100% FSC 認證木材製成
根據歐洲標準 EN-71-1 進行 CE 測試
適合 +3 歲

用濕布清潔(最高 30 攝氏度)

不推薦給 3 歲以下的孩子

手提箱:20 x 15 x 5.5 cm
勺子:7 cm
注射器:9.5 cm
聽診器:33 cm
耳鏡:11 cm
香膏管:8.5 cm
繃帶:45 cm

產品由100%天然木材製成,具有 FSC 認證。因此,請注意顏色、紋理和標記方面的細微變化。這些不是缺陷,而是獨特的跡象,可作為其天然來源的證據。若無法接受,請勿購買。

This little set guarantees hours and hours of playing

Contains: balm tube of boo-boo cream, a stethoscope, a syringe, medicine drops, a spoon, an otoscope, a bandage a doctor's name tag with magnets and a suitcase

Made of 100% FSC certified wood
CE-tested after European standard EN-71-1
Suitable from +3 years old

Cleaning instructions:
Clean with a damp cloth (max 30 degrees C)
Do not use any chemicals

Not recommended for kids under 3 years old
Variation in the wood structure may occur as it is a natural material
Please keep the packaging for future reference

Suitcase: 20 x 15 x 5.5 cm
Spoon: 7 cm
Medicine drops: 8 cm
Syringe: 9.5 cm
Stethoscope: 33 cm
Otoscope: 11 cm
Balm tube: 8.5 cm
Bandage: 45 cm