Arca Bench - Oyoy Mini - Nature 北歐風原木兒童長椅凳

$7,800 TWD

ARCA 兒童原木傢俱系列,在歐洲採用優質100%橡木製作,整體設計專為兒童打造,讓寶貝們在不同階段都能舒適自在的使用,擁有自己身型的傢俱耐用的原木搭配簡約溫暖外觀,方正穩固好組裝,適合放置於兒童房,用餐、玩遊戲、閱讀皆宜,也能放置於任何喜愛的位置。座高為29cm。


建議可搭配ARCA 原木兒童方椅/兒童桌使用

材質 : 100%橡木
尺寸 : H29 x L67 x W29 cm  
保養 : 建議定期以天然木質保養油進行保養
承重限制 : 100KG



 OYOY Living Design 優雅和可持續性的精美產品,創造屬於您的居家風格,在斯堪的納維亞設計,傳統中有著堅實的基礎。

憑藉對形狀和顏色的追求,我們為您的房間創造了具有優雅和女性特徵的功能性內飾的廣泛調色板,這將為美麗的北歐風格家居增添美感。OYOY Living Design 系列中的產品由誠實和精心組合的材料定義,突出簡單和意想不到的細節。俏皮的顏色和形狀為我們的設計注入活力。我們以強烈的色彩組合和圖案設計室內設計,我們的產品始終以最高質量生產。OYOY Living Design 是永恆的北歐設計,我們的系列仍然始終受到現代圖形線條的啟發。


Arca is a series of furniture made for children in durable and functional material. With the simple and minimalist design, the bench will be a functional and neat element in the children's room. The sitting height is 29 cm.

The bench is produced in Europe in solid oak. Combine the bench with the rest of the furniture from the Arca series, where you can find, among other things, a children's table and stool. The bench is delivered flatpacked, and is easy to assemble. The wood is treated with a white pigmented oil.

In order to achieve a long life of its wood furniture, we recommend that you maintain the wood furniture with follow-up treatments.

Color: Nature
Quality: 100% Oak
Dimensions: H29 x L67 x W29 cm

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