Birinit Petit, Culetín alto Wood 鏤空綠花布高腰褲 6m-3y

$880 TWD $1,050

這個 culetín 讓我們無比熱愛!它將是您孩子任何冒險的最佳夥伴,您一定會愛上它,會看到它可與一切上衣相結合,甜美的夏日搭配 以70復古年代為靈感,我們向 70 年代的那些日常生活致敬,回首過去,它們風格簡直是完美的經典展現。

100% 純棉

Wood and Pink Vichy Collection
This culetín drives us crazy. Can it be better? It will be your best companion for any adventure

Designed and made in Spain.

100% cotton.
Machine wash maximum 30º.

With The Birinit Bunch we intend to pay tribute to those daily lives from the 70´s that, looking back, were simply perfect.

And the 70s were magical. A time of changes full of good intentions, naivety.
Summer was synonymous with coexistence.

For us, Birinit is a timeless clothing brand designed with unique fabrics to dress girls and boys, from the time they enter the world, until they are 10 years old. When we say “timeless”, we mean that we believe that a beautiful and careful design should not go out of style after a few months. And when we talk about unique fabrics, we mean that the design of our fabrics is so special that you will only find them at Birinit.

In addition, Birinit is a completely Spanish brand designed and made between Madrid and Zaragoza.