Birinit Petit, Embroidered Luli shirt 刺繡花尖領短袖襯衫 2-6y

$2,176 TWD $2,720

短袖襯衫,正面飾有獨家刺繡花朵細節。🤞 這件衣服上的細節是 Birinit 獨有的。

實測平量尺寸約 cm  
2y 衣長:36.5cm 胸圍:30cm
3y 衣長:39cm 胸圍:33cm
4y 衣長:41cm 胸圍:35cm
5y 衣長:44cm 胸圍:36.5cm
6y 衣長:46cm 胸圍:37cm


SS23 設計主題 :“A summer in my hometown”
對於我們中的許多人來說,夏天提醒我們回到家鄉。源於我們對典型西班牙小鎮的熱愛。特別是,我們熱愛他們的人民和他們的風景。這個新系列的印刷名稱來自典型西班牙小鎮的主要景點名稱: Riachuelo, Vereda、Cantina 和 Plazuela。此系列色調有珊瑚、綠、藍和黃可供選擇,適合任何冒險的最佳造型。 從家庭團聚到步行最近的山。它們將再次成為您衣櫃中最特別的部分,是讓孩子在游泳池或海灘度過美好時光的最佳夥伴。


Short-sleeved shirt with embroidered flower detail on the front.

100% cotton.
Machine wash maximum 30º.

For us, Birinit is a timeless clothing brand designed with unique fabrics to dress girls and boys, from the time they enter the world, until they are 10 years old. When we say “timeless”, we mean that we believe that a beautiful and careful design should not go out of style after a few months. And when we talk about unique fabrics, we mean that the design of our fabrics is so special that you will only find them at Birinit.

In addition, Birinit is a completely Spanish brand designed and made between Madrid and Zaragoza.