Birinit Petit, V neck ivory sweater 針織V領上衣 象牙白 6m-12y

$2,210 TWD

日常針織套頭衫。很難找到更舒適和有愛的衣服。❤️ 有象牙色、藍色和藕粉色可供選擇。布料也非常的柔軟舒適,它將成為您衣櫥裡的最佳盟友。

30% 羊毛 – 5% 羊絨 – 35% 聚酰胺 – 30% 粘膠纖維。

AW22 設計主題 :La huerta
Plant, sow and breed, and you will live with joy.”
頌揚我們在世界這個角落所信念的價值觀,即 Birinit:給予我們最好的自己,把心打開,用愛澆灌世界上的自然事物,享受這個過程。就是這樣,我們確信,會有最好的收穫果到來。

A knitted jumper for day to day. Hard to find a more comfortable and loving garment. ❤️ Available in ivory, blue and pink.

Designed and made in Spain.
30% Wool – 5% Cashmere – 35% Polyamide – 30% Viscose.
Machine wash maximum 30º.

For us, Birinit is a timeless clothing brand designed with unique fabrics to dress girls and boys, from the time they enter the world, until they are 10 years old. When we say “timeless”, we mean that we believe that a beautiful and careful design should not go out of style after a few months. And when we talk about unique fabrics, we mean that the design of our fabrics is so special that you will only find them at Birinit.

In addition, Birinit is a completely Spanish brand designed and made between Madrid and Zaragoza.