Chest Care Cream 胸腔護理霜


紐西蘭純天然有機精油品牌 Absolute Essential 
由來自法國,擁有芳香醫學資格的整骨和自然療法 Bo Hendgen DONDAM 博士於 1988 年創立,為世界前五大精油博士之一。品牌連續三年贏得新西蘭天然產品公司的可持續發展獎,並作為專業可持續發展企業的模範行為,而榮獲新西蘭天然產品公司的首屆最高商業獎。更多品牌故事請點入 Absolute Essential 品牌介紹



暢通鼻腔胸腔/緩解咳嗽/預防支氣管疾病/ 增加免疫力:

嬰兒: 使用有機甜杏仁油比例50:50 稀釋後使用



New Zealand Pure Natural Organic Essential Oil Brand Absolute Essential
It was founded in 1988 by Dr. Bo Hendgen DONDAM, a osteopathic and natural therapy qualified in aroma medicine from France, and is one of the top five essential oil doctors in the world. The brand has won the New Zealand Natural Products Company's Sustainability Award for three consecutive years. As a model behavior of a professional sustainable enterprise, the brand won the New Zealand Natural Products Company's first highest business award. For more brand stories, please click on the Absolute Essential brand introduction

Chest care cream helps the nose and chest to get better healthy airflow, and helps to support the natural process of clearing mucus. , Oxygenates the blood, and supports healthy breathing and natural immunity. It has specific healing properties to support the natural recovery of colds and coughs, including antispasmodic and anti-inflammatory properties. It provides a safe and effective alternative to chemical petroleum-based cough and congestion agents. The chemical composition is not pure enough for the delicate skin of babies.

For best results, please use it in combination with Baby Care: Nose and Chest (Organic).

Pure Unscented Body Cream (Organic)
Lavender Spike Flower (Organic)
Eucalyptus blue gum (organic)
Balsam fir
Spruce black (organic)

Unblock the nasal and thoracic cavity / relieve cough / prevent bronchial diseases / increase immunity:
Children over 1 year old: Apply to chest and back every day as needed

Infant: Use organic sweet almond oil at a ratio of 50:50 to dilute and use

This essential oil cream is specially designed for babies and is safe when used as directed.
If swallowed, seek medical attention as soon as possible to avoid self-induced vomiting.
If you accidentally splash into your eyes, rinse with plenty of water immediately.
Please keep this product out of reach of children.

The packaging of the product is slightly different from batch to batch, so please do not place an order if you mind.