Cinnamon Stripe Pool 肉桂條紋泳池

$1,980 TWD


我們的 Cinnamon Stripe 溫暖而誘人,是為您的 Samah 增添趣味的完美方式。它也是目前最熱門的色調之一。Hello Samah 泳池必備品可全年持續使用,就像所有美好事物一樣。我們精心策劃的系列非常適合注重設計的家庭,因此您的游泳池可以因所有正確的原因而脫穎而出。


  • 直徑 110 cm,非常適合兒童和大小空間使用

  • 輕鬆充氣、填充、放氣和儲存

  • 充氣底部提供額外的舒適性和安全性 

  • 不含雙酚 A

  • 獲得於 FSC 批准的環保包裝和使用壽命更長的耐用乙烯基,具有地球意識材質

警告:建議 3 歲以上使用
外尺寸約:116 x 116 x 25 cm




在註入乾淨的淡水之前,確保排水塞固定在底部地板上。慢慢填滿水池,不要超過 70% 的容量。

我們都喜歡一點陽光,但您的 Samah 原版不應長期放在陽光直射下,因為這可能會導致翹曲。


Warm and inviting, our Cinnamon Stripe is the perfect way to spice up your Samah. It’s also one of the hottest shades at the moment, too.

Our pools are:

  • 110cm in diameter, perfect for kids and use in spaces big and small

  • Easily inflated, filled, deflated and stored

  • Inflated bottom for extra comfort & safety 

  • BPA free

  • Earth-conscious thanks to FSC-approved eco-friendly packaging and durable vinyl that lasts longer

How to use your pool?
Welcome to the Samah family! Here’s what you need to know about inflating and using your new Samah pool:

Plug in the one-way valve and push until the gap is totally closed. If you feel air escaping, you know it’s not closed properly. Yikes.

Inflate the first ring of the pool using an air pump or your mouth (recommended) before moving onto the second one. Even when fully inflated, you might still see a few wrinkles in the material. Resist the urge to overinflate the pool. Sometimes, less really is more…

When both rings are fully inflated and the valves have been plugged, secured and tucked away, you’re ready to start using your pool. Yay!

Before filling with clean, fresh water, make sure the drain plug is secure on the bottom floor. Fill the pool slowly and don’t exceed over 70% capacity. Overfilling equals collapsing, flooding, safety risks and property damage, something we definitely don’t want for you.

We all love a little sunshine but your Samah original shouldn’t be left in direct sunlight as this could cause warping.