Drool Bib Sweet Date 小清新圍兜

$780 TWD

讓您的小寶寶時刻保持乾爽可能是一項挑戰。這些絕妙的面料可以做到這一點,並且優雅地做到這一點!不再在精心挑選的服裝上吐痰或運球。它們採用經 Oeko-Tex 認證的雙層防水軟棉製成。頸部的兩個按扣創造了兩種不同的尺寸。易於清潔,易於固定,難以沒有。

材質: 55% 亞麻 | 45% 棉 | PU膜
認證 : Oeko-Tex Standard 100, Class 1 for baby products
尺寸: 領口長度:11.5 cm | 寬度:17 cm

Elodie Details 於 2006 由設計師 Linda Sätterström 創立於瑞典的斯德哥爾摩,是少數為寶寶設計的專業精品配件品牌,結合設計師的眼光與母親對產品的訴求,設計具實用、個性且巧思的寶寶配飾,如同品牌訴求「Big Differences For Small People」,讓您在日常中,也能與寶寶輕鬆展現極具風格的品味生活。


Keeping your little one Dry at all times can be a challenge. These fabulous fabrics can do just that, and do it with grace! No more spit or dribble on that carefully selected outfit. They feature double layers of Oeko-Tex certified and waterproof soft cotton. Two press studs in the neck create two different sizes. Easy to clean, easy to fasten, hard to be without.

Material: 95% Oeko-Tex Certified Cotton | 5% Elastan | PU Membrane
Certifications : Oeko-Tex Standard 100, Class 1 for baby products
Dimensions: Length from neckline: 11 cm | Width: 18 cm