Raduga Grëz, Forest vol 2 Natural 原木森林

$1,800 TWD

森林積木是您家中的一塊自然景觀。 其不尋常的形狀激發創造力,自然色彩舒緩,其觸感將您的注意力從您的思想轉移到身體。森林積木是在動盪時期感受平靜的理想選擇。
我們的樹木是兒童和成人的小提醒。 他們說微小的種子可以給真正高大強壯的樹木帶來生命。

在地板上舖一條綠色的圍巾,它就是草地。 使用線和麻線作為路徑,使用藍絲帶作為河流。 用玩具動物居住在你的森林裡。用時令裝飾裝飾樹木:冬天貼小雪花,秋天貼金葉。


RADUGA GRЁZ由第三代木匠在俄羅斯手工製造。由實木和無毒水性塗料製成。從負責任的供應商處購買的優質木材陰影可能與屏幕上的陰影不同。樹木特有的斑點或木紋是可能的。請注意細節和尺寸可能略有不同,因為這是手工製作的。

size 20×15×7cm 袋裝

New Forest Set (Summer and Autumn)

Forest set is a piece of nature in your home. Its unusual shape develops creativity, natural colors soothe and its tactility transfers your attention from your mind to the body. 

Forest set is ideal to feel calm in a turbulent time. 

Our trees are little reminders for children and adults. They say that tiny seeds can give life to really tall and strong trees.

How to play:

  • Role-play «Gruffalo» 
  • Take the Forest set with you for a walk in the park and find matching leafs or trees
  • Lay a green scarf on the floor, it will be the grass. Use threads and twines as paths and a blue ribbon as a river. Inhabit your forest with toy animals
  • Decorate trees with seasonal décor: stick small snowflakes on them in winter or golden leaves in autumn