Raduga Grëz, Fur tree stacking tower 毛皮樹疊疊積木

$1,680 TWD



Raduga Grez 產品由天然木材製成。因此,請注意顏色、紋理和標記方面的細微變化。這些不是缺陷,而是獨特的跡象,可作為其天然來源的證據。Raduga Grëz 是“Rainbow Dreams”的俄語翻譯


RADUGA GRЁZ由第三代木匠在俄羅斯手工製造。由實木和無毒水性塗料製成。從負責任的供應商處購買的優質木材陰影可能與屏幕上的陰影不同。樹木特有的斑點或木紋是可能的。請注意細節和尺寸可能略有不同,因為這是手工製作的。

size 13х13х19 cm




Raduga Grez products are made of natural wood. Therefore, please pay attention to subtle changes in color, texture, and markings. These are not defects, but unique signs that can be used as evidence of their natural origin. Raduga Grëz is the Russian translation of "Rainbow Dreams"

Fur Tree Stacking Tower

A fur tree is a symbol of vast and dense forests. A witch's hut may lurk around every bend, and any mossy stump easily turns into a good-natured troll. The forest inspires to compose fairy tales, and any fairy tale is a ready-made story to play. 

Use the Fur tree stacking tower as a set in the family play. Or send your favorite doll for a walk in the "forest" – let her get lost, meet new friends, have adventures, and at the end be sure to come home to tell her stories and drink some tea.

To make our toys beautiful and safe, we use natural, ethically harvested wood. Lime is dried outdoors for 2 years, then planed and hand-finished. The pyramid is painted without the use of lacquer. This is how we retain the tactility and texture of natural wood.

How to play:

  • Disassemble and assemble in different ways
  • Lay out the pieces on a plane and assemble a picture from them
  • Play in a magical forest, populate it with little toys, arrange Christmas for them, decorate the Christmas tree with ribbons and mom's beads 
  • Roll the parts like wheels

    Due to the uncontrollable situation of international transportation, the packaging of the goods is somewhat imperfect. This is inevitable during the transportation process. Please do not place an order if you are looking for perfect packaging. Before placing an order, you can contact us to inquire about the condition of the product. After the order is placed, the return and exchange of the same reason will not be accepted.