I’m Not Sleepy 我不想睡

帶有音樂和音效的圖畫書和 CD!
該睡覺了,“”莫‘’不想睡覺。 “我要玩!” 他咯咯地笑。 所以奶奶建議她去睡覺,而莫熬夜。 但莫發現讓奶奶上床睡覺比他想像的要難…… 精彩、詼諧的敘述,加上原創音樂和音效,讓你最喜歡的書以前所未有的方式栩栩如生。

CD 曲目 1 - 帶有原創音樂和音效以及搖籃曲的完整故事。
CD 曲目 2 - 帶有翻頁 ping 的故事鼓勵學習者讀者加入。

Picture Book and CD with Music and Sound Effects! It's bedtime, and Mo doesn't want to go to sleep. "I want to play!" he giggles. So Grandma suggests that she goes to bed while Mo stays up. But Mo discovers that putting Grandma to bed is harder than he thought.... With wonderful, witty narration, plus original music and sound effects it brings your favourite books to life as never before. A great aid to improve reading skills, and a perfect for bedtime, journeys or for listening together. CD track 1 - Complete story with original music and sound effects, plus lullaby. CD track 2 - story with page turn pings encourages learner readers to join in.

尺寸:28.6 * 24.7 公分 (cm)
規格:平裝 (paperback) 一書+1CD
頁數:32頁 (pages)