Immune Care (organic) 免疫力

$1,230 TWD


紐西蘭純天然有機精油品牌 Absolute Essential 
由來自法國,擁有芳香醫學資格的整骨和自然療法 Bo Hendgen DONDAM 博士於 1988 年創立,為世界前五大精油博士之一。品牌連續三年贏得新西蘭天然產品公司的可持續發展獎,並作為專業可持續發展企業的模範行為,而榮獲新西蘭天然產品公司的首屆最高商業獎想了解更多品牌故事請點入 Absolute Essential 品牌介紹


淨化空氣 :滴10滴至擴香儀,抑制空氣中的細菌

絲柏*、麥蘆卡、茶樹*、澳洲尤加利*、穗花薰衣草*、歐洲赤松*、百里香. ( *有機精油 )

容量   10ml


This blend is designed to support healthy immune functioning and may be especially helpful during winter when you want extra ammunition against common ills and chills. It assists the body's natural processes of recovery to help you get you back to health safely and quickly. Suitable for diffusion, inhalation or bath.

Ill Health & Unexpected Sickness
Low energy, flu, colds, coughs, shingles; this synergy offers natural support when sickness interrupts your regular balance. It works in harmony with healthy body function and can be used safely with prescribed medicines when necessary. Always consult a healthcare specialist.

Immune Protection
A routine night-time diffusion or bath once a week with Immune Plus will give the immune system regular support to maintain naturally strong defences. Bath immediately when you add this blend and soak for an optimum time of 15 minutes (longer and the body increasingly reabsorbs released toxins).

Diffusion: 10 drops, allow 10 minutes, replenish as required.
Inhalation: put a few drops on a pillow, collar of pyjamas or on a tissue or add 5-10 drops to a steaming hot bowl of water and breathe deeply.
Bath: 10 drops mixed into bath water.
Massage: Blend 10 drops to 1 teaspoon of Pure Unscented Body Oil (organic).

Safety Considerations: This blend is very safe if applied as directed. Not for internal use: if ingested do not induce vomiting, drink milk, consult a health specialist. Avoid contact with eyes: flush with water. Keep out of reach of children.
Please note: Therapeutic plant oils are used to support natural body process for optimum health and wellbeing. The information here is NOT meant as recommendation for cure of any medical condition or disease.

Manuka (wild) Leptospermum scoparium
Traditional use: to ease congestion & coughs; to aid natural breathing; to support immune functions.

Lavender Spike (organic) Lavandula latifolia
Traditional use: to offer gentle immune support.

Thyme Thymol (organic) Thymus vulgarus CT thymol
Traditional use: to stabilise immune functions.

Tea Tree (organic) Melaleuca alternifolia
Traditional use: an effective antiseptic; to stimulate immune functions.