Konges Sløjd, Activity Ring Dino - Multi 新生兒固齒器 安撫手搖玩具 恐龍

$1,200 TWD

這款小織物恐龍戒指非常適合您的寶寶玩耍並通過以下方式刺激其感官。有一個木製戒指,上面附有:一塊柔軟的咀嚼葉子,可以玩耍的標籤,一面帶有刺繡圖案的柔軟鏡子背面有恐龍表面,內部有鈴鐺的小恐龍,在搖晃時會響起,恐龍在觸摸時會發出酥脆的腹部 - 所有這些都是為了刺激寶寶的感官

採用 100% 有機棉、食品級矽膠製成
通過歐洲標準 EN-71 的 CE 測試-1
適用於 +0 歲



中環:直徑 7 cm

丹麥品牌Konges Sløjd專為嬰兒、兒童和家庭打造簡約、斯堪的納維亞風格和時尚的產品,專注於質量、功能和簡約。產品由 GOTS 認證的有機棉在具有公平工作條件的工廠中製成。從嬰兒必需品(薄紗布、尿布袋、圍兜和牙膠)到漂亮的裝飾品和玩具(床罩、餐具、木製玩具)和甜美配飾,應有盡有。 


This little fabric dino ring is perfect for your baby to play with and get its senses stimulated by

There is a wooden ring with a bunch of things attached to: a little squishy chewing leaf, tags to play with, a soft mirror with an embroidery patterned dinosaur surface on the back, a tiny dinosaur with a bell inside that rings when shaken and a dinosaur with a crispy belly when touched - all to stimulate your baby's senses

Made in 100% organic cotton, silicone

CE-tested after European standard EN-71-1

Suitable from +0 years old

Cleaning instructions:
Hand wash only.
Do NOT use any chemicals

Please keep packaging for future reference

Middle ring: 7 cm diameter