Listen to the Dance Music 聆聽來自舞蹈的音樂 有聲書

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一群音樂家正前往一家咖啡館進行驚喜慶祝活動。按下按鈕聽他們演奏他們的樂器。 加入樂隊,祝一隻非常特別的小水獺生日快樂!這本令人愉快的小書配有長笛、吉他、小提琴和鋼琴,加上激動人心的“大樂隊”合唱和絢麗的生日蛋糕結尾,是完美的生日禮物。

An internationally bestselling series of board books with amazing real-life sounds!

What do the waltz, tango, Charleston, salsa, rock ‘n’ roll and hip-hop sound like? Push the buttons to find out!

Aimed at babies and toddlers, this ground-breaking series of interactive board books has a button on every spread, which plays one of six different exceptional quality sound effects. Children of every age will be captivated as they bring the artwork to life with six amazing real-life sounds.

Size: 148 x 148 mm
Length: 14 pages