Little myrtle, Natural Organic Cotton Fitted Cot Sheet 自然有機棉床包 70 x 130 x 22 cm

$950 TWD

我們熱愛我們為人類帶來的歡樂,所以我們設計了這些床包,採用華麗的面料,採用精心挑選的配色,專為他們設計。由 GOTS 認證的有機棉製成,讓睡眠時間更加特別,我們提到舒適了嗎?因為它們超級、超級舒服。我們知道您會像我們一樣愛他們   四層夢幻般的柔軟平紋細布紗布包裹您的小床,採用最優質的柔軟有機穆斯林 GOTS 棉。


Royal Bluebell 被視為澳大利亞首都領地的花卉象徵,現在我們不能說這是我們選擇的動機。我們選擇它是因為這朵花象徵著感恩。我們是。感謝我們生活中的人們,感謝您加入我們的小桃金孃大家庭。它們也非常漂亮——我們不得不使用它們。

尺寸:  70*130*22cm


Swaddles, Sheets, Towels, Comforter  

所有這些漂亮的物品均採用我們能找到的最柔軟的有機 GOTS 棉製成,但為了盡可能延長它們的使用壽命:單獨洗滌,使用洗衣袋和溫和的洗滌劑,然後冷水輕柔機洗,冷水滾筒烘乾或風乾. 如果您要風乾,請隨意將它們捲起來晾乾 - 它只會讓褶皺變得更美好。   

The Softie    


我們確實會直接將衣服放入洗衣機中,然後放入洗衣袋中烘乾,它們只會變得更柔軟、更起皺,但如果您擔心 - 可手洗,勿拉扯方式!簡介:單獨洗滌,使用洗衣袋和溫和的洗滌劑,然後冷水輕柔機洗,涼爽烘乾或風乾並依偎在一起。 

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We love our little bundles of human joy so we designed these fitted sheets in gorgeous fabrics in a curated palette just for them. Made from GOTS certified organic cotton it makes sleep time just a little more special and did we mention comfy? Because they are... Super, super comfy. We know you’ll love them as much as we do. 


The Royal Bluebell is seen as the floral emblem of the Australian Capital Territory, now we can’t say that’s the motivation for our choice. We selected it because the flower symbolises gratitude. And we are. Grateful for the people in our lives and thankful to you for joining our Little Myrtle Family. They are also just so darn pretty - we had to use them.

Size: 70*130*22cm


Swaddles, Sheets, Towels, Comforter

All of these beautiful items are made from the softest organic GOTS cotton we could find, but to make them last as long as possible: wash separately, use a laundry bag, mild detergent, then cold gentle machine wash and cool tumble dry or air dry. If you're going to air dry feel free to roll them up to dry - it only makes the crinkly that much better.   

The Softie