Louise Misha, Simone Cardigan Cream 麻花針織開襟外套 24m-3y

$2,180 $2,430

這個春天孩子依舊會喜歡它,現在 Simone 開衫和它的幻想在陽光明媚的日子裡回來了!麻花、縫線和小絨球隨時佩戴……這個季節,在操場上培養你的獨特風格!說到奇點,你知道每個絨球都是手工製作和鑲嵌的嗎? 3y以上款式有絨球。


  • 針織開衫,帶有曲折。
  • 圓領。
  • 插肩袖。
  • 夢幻針織圖案和手工製作的絨球。
  • 天然木質鈕扣。
  • 羅紋縫製衣領、袖口和底部。

Emma 身高 100 cm - 39 英寸,穿著 4 號尺碼



尺寸表 0-24m:


尺寸表 3Y up: 3A=3Y

是一種提倡以人性自然為中心的生活藝術價值的態度,快樂、繽紛、廣闊的心與好奇心,亦對旅行和冒險的無限探索以及......很多柔軟性格。 品牌獲得了整個系列的 GOTS 認證,GOTS是最完整的紡織品認證體系,使用尊重環境的天然材料織品, 包裝則使用100%可生物降解的玉米澱粉袋代替了塑料袋,採用回收的紙材製作商品吊卡。


You loved it this winter, now the Simone cardigan and its fantasies are back for the sunny days! Twists, stitches and small pompoms to wear at all times... This season, cultivate your unique style in the playground! Speaking of singularity, did you know that each pompom was made and set by hand?

For the sake of details:

  • Knitted cardigan with twists.
  • Round neck.
  • Raglan sleeves.
  • Fantasy stitch patterns and hand-placed pompoms.
  • Wood log buttons.
  • Rib-stitched collar, cuffs and bottom.

This item was imagined by Marie Pidancet and her passionate team.

Emma is 100 cm - 39 inches tall and wears a size 4.
To find the perfect size, feel free to consult our size guide.
We advise you to take the size corresponding to the current age of the child.

100% cotton.
Do not tumble dry, natural flat dry only.
Gentle hand wash.