Pacifier Clip Sweet Date 安撫奶嘴夾 小清新

Elodie Details 於 2006 由設計師 Linda Sätterström 創立於瑞典的斯德哥爾摩,是少數為寶寶設計的專業精品配件品牌,結合設計師的眼光與母親對產品的訴求,設計具實用、個性且巧思的寶寶配飾,如同品牌訴求「Big Differences For Small People」,讓您在日常中,也能與寶寶輕鬆展現極具風格的品味生活。

這是 Elodie 的旗艦產品,也是 2005 年公司成立的靈感來源。從那時起,我們每年都進行開發和新增產品,以打造完美的奶嘴夾。將夾子固定在孩子的衣服上,將矽膠環固定在奶嘴上。這樣您就可以確保安撫奶嘴不會因為掉到地上而丟失、弄髒或不衛生。







我們所有的奶嘴夾都根據 EN-12586:2007 + A1:2011 的高安全標准進行了測試和批准,這意味著它們在機械上使用安全且不含任何有害物質。


探索 Elodie 的配套奶嘴系列,打造您自己的夾子和奶嘴的精美組合。與任何奶嘴兼容 彈性矽膠環可以穿在任何旋鈕設計的奶嘴上,也可以通過形成環連接到環形奶嘴上。也可與 Elodie 奶嘴或其他品牌的奶嘴一起使用。

材質: 戒套:矽膠 | 織帶:滌綸  | 夾子:無鎳鋼
認證: EN-12586:2007+A1:2011
寬度: 3.5 CM


This is Elodie´s flagship product and the one that inspired the founding of the company back in 2005. Since then, we’ve made developments and new addition every year to create the perfect pacifier clip. Attach the clip to your child’s clothing and the silicone ring to the pacifier. This way you ensure that the pacifier never gets lost, dirty, or unsanitary from falling to the ground.

Decorated or plain, we offer a wide range of dummy clip designs and colours to choose from. You are guaranteed to find one that suits your style. To complete the look, combine it with one of our matching pacifiers.

Keeps the pacifier clean

Whenever the dummy, soother or pacifier falls out of the mouth of your baby or toddler, the pacifier clip is there to keep it from getting lost or dirty.

High quality materials

The metal buckle is made of stainless steel that is both nickel-free and hypoallergenic. The food grade silicone ring is very durable, and every pacifier clip has high quality vegan leather detailing.

Safety approved

All of our pacifier clips are tested and approved according to the high safety standards of EN-12586:2007 + A1:2011, meaning they are mechanically safe to use and free from any harmful substances.

Mix & Match

Explore Elodie’s range of matching pacifiers to create your own beautiful combinations of clip and pacifier. Compatible with any pacifier The elastic silicone ring can be thread over any knob design pacifier or attached to ring pacifiers by creating a loop. Can be used with Elodie pacifiers or pacifiers from other brands as well.

Material: Ring: Silicone | Ribbon: Polyester | Clip: Nickel-free steel
Certifications : EN-12586:2007+A1:2011
Width: 3,5 cm