Playtown : A Lift-the-Flap Book 遊戲城 翻翻書

$455 TWD


快來加入Playtown的熱鬧城市,翻開硬頁書跟著開啟忙碌的一天。各式各樣的人物、商店、地標、交通工具等全都縮影在 Playtown: A Lift-the-Flap Book 裡!


本書的作者是Roger Priddy,他對於孩子的教育充滿熱情和興趣,總是善於運用活潑有趣、充滿資訊且引人入勝的繪本們,協助孩子們奠定早期學習的基礎。目前他和三個孩子居住在英國倫敦,並且像大多數的繪本作家一樣,從自己的孩子身上擷取了許多大獲成功的創作靈感。

Get ready for a busy day in Playtown! The illustrated interiors are packed with detail, showing busy scenes and cross-sections from around the town, including the airport, the hospital and the shops. There are lots of things to look for and find on every page, and over 35 flaps to find throughout the book which reveal fun scenes.

Size:27.3 x 27.3公分
規格:硬頁書(Board book)