The Essential Sleep Sack 義大利有機棉羊毛睡袋 9-24m


The simple Folk 是極簡主義系列的品牌,以自然靈感、道德、有機和高舒適度的遊戲服著名,它們易於穿著、易於洗滌且易於感知,因此它們的款式質料能陪伴孩童更久的時間。追求多功能、永恆的單品,奢華柔軟、實用、無圖案、採用無毒面料和染料製成,並以環保和社會意識的方式創造,絕對是寶寶首選的單品質料。(因全天然布料,若產品有視覺上的織法錯位,均屬正常)

我們舒適的睡袋內襯奢華柔軟且天然的 100% 美利奴羊毛平紋針織面料,旨在為您的寶寶營造一個小氣候,有助於保持一致的溫度,讓您安然入睡。  

TOG 等級為 1,這種透氣、低過敏性的面料適合全年使用,是大多數室內溫度 (68-74°F) 的理想選擇。

• 內部成分 - 100% 美利奴羊毛針織衫;外層 - 70% 棉,30% 亞麻
• 僅在需要時手洗。始終平放晾乾。隨著時間的推移,乾燥可能會導致收縮和更快的磨損。
• 可調節的腋下按扣,使定制合身變得簡單• 具有雙向拉鍊,可快速簡單地取用尿布• 有兩種通用尺寸可供選擇長期穿著和附加值,為您孩子的成長留出寬敞的空間
• 用愛在葡萄牙製造


- 為確保尺碼安全,睡袋係好後,寶寶的頭部不應從頸部開口滑落。
- 每個孩子和室內氣候都是獨一無二的,因此我們建議您定期觸摸寶寶的頸部和腹部後部,以測量其體溫,以確保您的孩子不會太熱或太冷。
- 警告!如果您的孩子可以爬出嬰兒床,請不要使用它。
- 警告!請勿與其他床上用品組合使用。


0-9M 9-24M
CHEST 30cm 37cm
TOTAL LENGTH 75cm 100cm

Lined with luxuriously soft and natural 100% merino wool jersey, our cozy sleep sack is designed to create a microclimate around your baby that helps maintain a consistent temperature for peaceful slumbers. 

With a TOG rating of 1, this breathable, hypoallergenic fabric is suitable for year-round use and ideal for most indoor temperatures (68- 74°F).

• Composition Inner - 100% merino wool jersey; Outer - 70% cotton, 30% linen
• Hand wash only as needed. Always lay flat to dry. Drying may cause shrinkage and faster wear over time.
inner lining is white
• Adjustable underarm snaps for a custom fit made simple
• Featuring a double-way zipper for quick and simple diaper access
• Available in two versatile sizes for long-term wear and added value, allowing generous space for your child’s growth
• Made with love in Portugal

Safety Notes:

- For safe sizing, your baby’s head should not be able to slip through the neck opening once the sleep sack is fastened.
- Every child and indoor climate are unique so we recommend regularly checking the baby's temperature by touching the back of their neck and stomach to ensure your little one is not too warm or too cold.
- WARNING! Do not use it if your child can climb out of a cot.
- WARNING! Do not use in combination with other bedding items.

Brand, The simple Folk