The simple Folk, The Rain Jacket khaki 探險家雨衣 卡其 18m-5y

$3,560 TWD

非常適合森林學校、刮風的日子和舒適的晚間篝火,這款雨衣採用 100% 有機棉精心製作,並採用天然、防水和防風蠟製成。這種透氣、無毒的面料將讓您的孩子保持舒適,並在不使用任何塑料的情況下保護他們免受惡劣天氣的影響。

這款有機打蠟棉在葡萄牙製造,面料最初是為蘇格蘭海域的水手製作的,重量輕,可適應環境溫度,在溫暖時變得更柔軟、更透氣,在風、雨和涼爽的天氣中更具保護性。The Rain Jacket 採用拉絲黃銅按扣前部和寬敞的口袋用於存放寶藏,配有可拆卸風帽,是從春季到秋季的完美搭配。

• 成分:100% 有機打蠟棉
• 提供:卡其色、榛子色
• 防水:達AATCC 90(ISO 4 out of 5)級噴霧測試等級。
• 在葡萄牙用愛製造

根據 The Raincoat 的護理 + 洗滌說明,我們建議您每次洗滌時如何處理它:用冷水局部清潔。 平放晾乾並在最高 110°C 的溫度下熨燙。 請勿機洗、蒸汽、漂白、滾筒烘乾或乾洗,因為這可能會影響蠟飾面。 每年使用修補噴霧劑或天然蠟(例如 Merchant and Mills Reproofing Spray 或 Halley Stevenson 的蠟罐)進行拋光。


12-18M 18-24M 2-3Y 3-4Y 4-5Y 5-6Y 6-7Y 7-8Y 8-9Y 9-10Y
TOTAL LENGTH 38cm 40cm 42cm 45cm 48cm 51cm 54cm 57cm 60cm 63cm
SLEEVE LENGTH (INCLUDING CUFF) 28cm 30cm 33cm 36cm 39cm 42cm 44cm 46cm 49cm 51cm
CHEST 32.5cm 33.5cm 35.5cm 37.5cm 39.5cm 41.5cm 43cm 44.5cm 46cm 47.5cm

The simple Folk 是極簡主義系列的品牌,以自然靈感、道德、有機和高舒適度的遊戲服著名,它們易於穿著、易於洗滌且易於感知,因此它們的款式質料能陪伴孩童更久的時間。追求多功能、永恆的單品,奢華柔軟、實用、無圖案、採用無毒面料和染料製成,並以環保和社會意識的方式創造,絕對是寶寶首選的單品質料。(因全天然布料,若產品有視覺上的織法錯位,均屬正常)

Perfect for Forest School, windy days, and cozy evening bonfires, The Rain Jacket is lovingly made using 100% organic cotton, finished with a natural, water-resistant, and wind-proof wax. This breathable, non-toxic fabric will keep your children comfortable and protected from the elements without any use of plastic.

Made in Portugal with fabric originally crafted for sailors on the Scottish seas, this organic waxed cotton is lightweight and adjusts to ambient temperature, becoming softer and more breathable when it’s warm and more protective in wind, rain, and cooler weather. With brushed brass snaps down the front and roomy pockets for treasure-keeping, The Rain Jacket features a detachable hood and makes the perfect layer from spring to fall. 

• Composition: 100% organic waxed cotton
• Available in: KHAKI, HAZELNUT
• Water resistant: Repels water easily, achieving AATCC 90 (ISO 4 out of 5) grade spray test rating.
Windproof: Provides protection from wind with its natural wax finish.
• Made with love in Portugal

As per the care + washing instructions of The Raincoat, here is how we recommend to treat it every time you would like to wash it: Spot clean with cold water. Lay flat to dry and iron at 110°C maximum. Do not machine wash, steam, bleach, tumble dry, or dry clean as this could compromise the wax finish. Polish annually with a reproofing spray or natural wax (such as Merchant and Mills Reproofing Spray or Halley Stevenson’s Wax Tin).

Brand, The simple Folk