Bamford Brand's Story

Bamford Brand's Story

29. 9月, 2021

Promote a luxurious, elegant, natural and organic lifestyle

Originated from the United Kingdom, it represents a luxurious, elegant, natural and organic lifestyle. Founded by the noble Duchess Carole Bamford, Bamford perfectly interprets the founder’s taste and philosophy, admires the art of life, uses natural plant extraction and traditional fine craftsmanship to create lasting and pure bathing, body care, baby care and fragrance creation, truly nourishing Heart and skin convey the brand promise of happiness and happiness.

Natural plant extracts, quality and details are paramount
Bamford provides the most complete selection of daily necessities for customers who pursue details and quality. The brand respects and creates the art of life, and is responsible for the products it creates. It promises that all Bamford products maintain perfect features and create the most sincere and high-quality series of products.

Bamford's body care series uses natural raw ingredients, all of which contain selected aromatic essential oils, which have a delicate fragrance and special effects. Bamford insists that the products are completely made in the UK, free of preservatives, surfactants, artificial colors, mineral oils and synthetic fragrances, providing top-notch care options.

Taste the organic lifestyle of the British aristocracy
Based on the concept that "Organic is not only beneficial to the natural environment, but also has an excellent positive impact on our lives. It is a real luxury." Dame Carole not only invested in charity activities for a long time, but also established Daylesford Organic in 2002. Farms, shops, restaurants, cooking classrooms and other diversified business entities promote organic food and culture in an all-round way. Four years later, Bamford was officially founded, and it was a wonderful demonstration of how the organic concept has expanded to life style and fashion. "Bamford is inspired by nature. We cherish all the rare natural products in the world, so we create a series of natural plant extracts that can truly nourish the body, skin and soul." Through Bamford, Carole actively promotes natural plants. Exquisite products are committed to maintaining traditional craftsmanship and passing it on to the next generation.


The soil is the first home for the natural ingredients that our signature formulations for the skin are made from. We endeavour to meet the COSMOS standard as defined and accredited by the Soil Association – the highest standard in organic bodycare – for all new products in our Bath & Body collection. The Soil Association reviews the entire manufacturing process: the sourcing of ingredients, energy and water usage information and environmental waste management plans and premises, holding us accountable and ensuring that their packaging can be recycled and will not return to the earth as a pollutant or end up in landfill.

Founded in 2011, Positive Luxury connects luxury brands and people who care about the future through the unique Butterfly Mark certification, which demonstrate a company’s positive action towards people and our planet. The Butterfly Mark certification identifies Bamford as part of a community of businesses that is collectively seeking to transform the luxury industry through sustainable and ethical practices that not only mitigate their impact on the planet, but aim to contribute positively to its future.

We see it as a strength to seek out the expertise of others and value close collaboration with like-minded advocates of sustainable living – sharing knowledge as well as passions. In 2020, Bamford was certified by Positive Luxury with the Butterfly Mark, for our commitment to social and environmental sustainability. Having the Butterfly Mark certification by Positive luxury is a reassurance for our community that our commitments are verified.



Assurance that 95% of ingredients are organic. This is an internationally recognised standard for organic cosmetics and ensures genuine organic beauty products produced to the highest feasible sustainability practices. Guarantees no gm ingredients or controversial chemicals. This standard also covers sustainable manufacturing processes, minimal packaging with maximum recycled content and protecting wildlife and biodiversity.




Assurance the percentage of natural ingredients declared are of natural origin. This is an internationally recognised standard for natural beauty products. Guarantees no gm ingredients or controversial chemicals. This standard also covers sustainable manufacturing processes, minimal packaging with maximum recycled content and protecting wildlife and biodiversity.


Consideration for where we source our materials extends beyond our products and into our packaging. We avoid unnecessary packaging where possible, embracing both recycled and recyclable solutions as well as designing high quality vessels that can be kept and given a second life. Our bags and envelopes used in store are made from an innovative recycled cotton paper, and our online delivery boxes are made from recycled cardboard that is 100% recyclable.

Looking forward

We understand the urgency of attending to our planet’s health and the role we play as a business and a community to contribute in a positive way. We acknowledge that sustainability is not an end-goal that can be met or achieved; it is a journey of ongoing improvement, an enduring commitment to responsible practises and continuous education throughout our community. It is something that can always be improved upon.

We are ambitious and determined, and we are also grateful to our community for your patience while we learn – from our community and from the earth – how we can further lighten our footprint. We look forward to continuing this journey with you.

'Bamford was born out of a belief that what we put on our body should be as nourishing and nurturing as what we put inside it through our food. Our products are beautifully considered, rich in meaning and quality, with a story we can be proud of.'


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