120 Piece Pastel Creative Pack 粉彩創意包 磁力片積木

$4,400 TWD

Connetix Tiles 於 2019 年 6 月由品牌創始人的孩子一起上小學時認識的兩個家庭正式推出。Brea 是幼兒教師和三個幼兒的母親,擁有碩士學位,豐富的小學教育經驗。Brea 熱衷於通過遊戲學習,喜歡與孩子一起成長的開放式優質玩具!Dave 有兩個年幼的孩子,無論走到哪裡,他們都喜歡帶著Connetix旅行包出去吃飯!

我們的磁力片積木採用無毒 ABS 塑料製成,不含 BPA、鉛和鄰苯二甲酸鹽。所有磁力片積木都經過密封和鉚接以提高安全性,我們獨特的斜面設計使 Connetix 堅固耐用,同時產生美麗的清晰折射。Connetix 是一家澳大利亞公司,我們非常重視產品的安全性。銷售 Connetix 所需的所有必要測試和合格認證。


我們的 120 件粉彩創意包擁有 8 種獨特的樸實柔和的色彩,將為生活帶來想像力並鼓勵開放式遊戲!

旨在通過 PLAY 鼓勵無限的創造力、樂趣和學習時間,我們的粉彩創意包具有 8 種粉嫩柔和顏色的各種形狀。它是家庭遊戲的絕佳入門選擇,可構建更大的 Connetix 作品並擴展您的孩子可識別的顏色範圍!

無論是獨立遊戲還是與朋友和家人一起玩,120 件 Pastel 創意包鼓勵 STEAM 學習以及精細和大運動技能的發展。看著孩子們建造更大的城堡和火箭、塔、硬幣滴、橋樑和曼荼羅,探索圖案和形狀,創建顏色分類盒等等。我們的粉彩創意包還將支持孩子們設計更大規模的建築、測試他們想像力的極限時的毅力和適應力的發展。

作為一款開放式優質玩具,Connetix 將隨著您孩子的學習和遊戲變得更加複雜而成長。使用我們的202 件粉彩 MEGA 包 和 40 件粉彩幾何包擴展您的收藏並補充您的 120 件粉彩創意包。



  • 8 x 大方塊
  • 48 x 小方塊
  • 16 個等邊三角形
  • 16 x 直角三角形
  • 16 個等腰三角形
  • 8 x Window 方形件
  • 8 x 空心方形件(門框)
  • 想法小冊子


  • 所有瓷磚均採用無毒 ABS 塑料製成,不含 BPA 和鄰苯二甲酸鹽,密封並鉚接以提高安全性。
  • 我們獨特的斜面設計使 Connetix 既堅固又提供美麗的清晰折射。
  • Connetix 與其他領先品牌兼容。
  • 我們的粉彩系列具有新設計的等腰三角形。它們與傳統的 Connetix 等腰三角形兼容。

    重量 4.35公斤
    方面 33.5 × 9 × 24.2 cm



Connetix Tiles was officially launched in June 2019 by two families who met when our children started primary school together.

We pride ourselves on producing a quality product that will last through many years of play in homes around the world. Our tiles are made using non-toxic ABS plastic that is BPA, lead and Phthalate free. All tiles are also sealed and riveted for extra safety and our unique beveled design allows Connetix to be strong while creating beautiful clear refractions. Connetix is an Australian company manufactured in China and we take the safety of our products very seriously. All the necessary testing and approvals required to sell Connetix have been undertaken

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Brand introduction
Play concept
Educational materials

Designed to encourage hours of limitless creativity, fun and learning through PLAY, our Pastel Creative Pack features a variety of shapes in 8 pastel colours. It is a great starter option for family play, building BIGGER Connetix creations and expanding the range of colours your children recognise!

Whether playing independently or with friends and family, the 120 piece Pastel Creative Pack encourages STEAM learning and the development of fine and gross motor skills. Watch as children create bigger castles and rockets, towers, coin drops, bridges and mandalas, explore patterns and shapes, create colour sorting boxes, plus so much more. Our Pastel Creative Pack will also support the development of perseverance and resilience as children design larger scale builds, testing the limits of their imagination.

As an open-ended quality toy, Connetix will grow WITH your child as they learn and their play becomes more complex. Expand your collection and complement your 120 Piece Pastel Creative Pack with our 202 Piece Pastel MEGA Pack and 40 Piece Pastel Geometry Pack.

Recommended Age: 3+ (contains magnets and small parts)

Each pack includes:

  • 8 x Large squares
  • 48 x Small squares
  • 16 x Equilateral triangles
  • 16 x Right angle triangles
  • 16 x Isosceles triangles
  • 8 x Window square pieces
  • 8 x Hollow square pieces (door frames)
  • Ideas Booklet

About Our Products:

  • All tiles are made using non-toxic ABS plastic that is BPA and Phthalate free, sealed and riveted for extra safety.
  • Our unique beveled design allows Connetix to be strong while offering beautiful clear refractions.
  • Connetix are compatible with other leading brands.
  • Our pastel range features newly designed isosceles triangles. They are compatible with traditional Connetix isosceles triangles.


Weight 4.35 kg
Dimensions 33.5 × 9 × 24.2 cm

Due to the uncontrollable situation of international transportation, the packaging of the goods is somewhat imperfect. This is inevitable during the transportation process. Please do not place an order if you are looking for perfect packaging. Before placing an order, you can contact us to inquire about the condition of the product. After the order is placed, the return and exchange of the same reason will not be accepted.