Birinit Petit, Pioneros straps bloomer 拓荒者綠格紋藍花吊帶燈籠褲 6m-3y

$1,420 TWD

我們是這款 Pioneros 吊帶燈籠褲的忠實粉絲。它是一款百搭單品,可搭配任何服裝,讓他們不想脫下來!褲襠開扣,方便尿布更換,最重要的是它非常舒適。這件衣服上的印花是 Birinit獨家的。它將成為您衣櫥裡的最佳盟友。😊 

實測平量尺寸約 cm
6-12m / S 腰圍:16-29 總長:40.5 腿褲口寬:8-12
12m-2y / M 腰圍:18-32 總長:43 腿褲口寬:9-15
2-3y / L 腰圍:19-33 總長:46.5 腿褲口寬:10-17


Birinit SS24 設計主題介紹 :Scout's Life
以童子軍的精神象徵,意味著有趣和令人振奮的經歷。能圍繞在好朋友和大自然之間,互相學習如何關心彼此,成為更好的自己,真的是很棒的成長回憶。透過遊戲、冒險、營火、音樂、故事體驗童子軍的生活可以教會我們很多,這就是為什麼我們想要繼續成為Scout’s Life的一部分,妳願意加入我們這個新的冒險嗎?


由於織品彈性係數、水洗工藝、測量點等原因,可能與實際產品有 ±2cm 的偏差,經檢驗標準政策均屬測量可接受範圍,不屬於瑕疵。


We are big fans of this Pioneros straps bloomer. It's an all-rounder that goes with any outfit, you won't want to take it off! The print on this garment is exclusive to Birinit.

Composition and care
100% cotton. Machine wash max.30º

For us, Birinit is a timeless clothing brand designed with unique fabrics to dress girls and boys, from the time they enter the world, until they are 10 years old. When we say “timeless”, we mean that we believe that a beautiful and careful design should not go out of style after a few months. And when we talk about unique fabrics, we mean that the design of our fabrics is so special that you will only find them at Birinit.

In addition, Birinit is a completely Spanish brand designed and made between Madrid and Zaragoza.