5 Little Bears, Dinosaur Digs 恐龍挖掘卡-新改版

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所有產品均在澳大利亞新南威爾斯州的紐卡斯爾當地手工製作。獨立製作!沒有任何外包商。5 little bears是以 Leanne Murner(創始人)的 5 個男孩命名的。Leanne 考慮到教育和可持續性,為孩子們創造了令人驚嘆的玩具。5LB 團隊實際上是在裝載機器、打包訂單、印製標籤,一切都在這裡完成,由澳洲的媽媽團隊完成。



使用我們全新改良的 Dinosaur Digs 卡組創造一些化石樂趣!套裝中有 14 張以恐龍骨架為特色的木卡,其中大多數包括一個站在旁邊的人以縮放比例、恐龍的腳印以及一些可供孩子們學習的有趣事實。該套裝還配有 1 個刷子和 1 個細長的木架,所以卡片可以埋在沙子裡,孩子們可以挖掘和掃掉沙子,露出恐龍或放在桌子上展示!

教育 應用










14 x  14 x 8 cm 卡片

1 x 支架 22 x 2.5 cm

1 x Dino Digs 刷


使用 3 毫米膠合板製成,這是一種全澳大利亞製造和擁有的產品。



Dinosaur Digs Cards

Create some fossil fun with our New Revamped Dinosaur Digs card set! There are 14 timber cards in the set featuring the skeleton of a dinosaur, with most including a person standing beside it for scale, the foot print of the dinosaur with a few fun facts for kids to learn too. This set also comes with 1 brush and 1 slimline timber stand, so the cards can be buried in sand and children can dig and sweep the sand away to reveal the dinosaurs or have on display on the desk !


Use a sand tray at the art area, encourage the child to bury the fossil cards then carefully using the brush dig for them in the sand to emulate an actual fossil dig. Engage in conversation about what he/she is finding in the sand, and discuss where real fossils can be found today and how they are uncovered. Promotes patience, caution and a calmness.

Group Setting

Art group activity, could extend on the sustainability and look for natural resources to play such as sand, dirt, or make your own sand by crushing rocks. Then bury your fossil cards ready for a group dig. Great for open discussions about Dinosaurs and fossil digs. Also discuss what countries certain fossils are found and use as a research opportunity.


Take out to the sand pit with little brushes and bury them get the children to carefully dig for the stamps then use them to create a Dino scene in the sand. Do your own fossil dig by burying them in the sand and using a brush to carefully uncover the fossil stamps. While outside children can engage in imaginative play where they can imagine being at a real fossil dig site and what it would be like to uncover such an amazing discovery.

Learning Opportunities

Develops fine motor skills, develop creative skills such as inventiveness thinking and imagination. Communication skills by discussing what they have found, turn taking skills in sharing the brush and promoting team work. Learn about the history of Dinosaurs, where the fossils can be found today and the patience and commitment taken in finding such exciting pieces of history.

14 x Approx 14 x 8 cm Cards

1 x Stand 22 x 2.5 cm

1 x Dino Digs Brush

3yrs +

*Brush may be different to what is pictured due to short supply.
Made using 3mm plywood, this is an all Australian Made And Owned product.