Donsje, Nowie Bodysuit Festive Rabbit Rose Mocha 派對兔子泡泡袖連身包屁衣 玫瑰摩卡 夏日慶典限量系列 12-30m

$2,260 TWD

我的有趣的兔子! Nowie 連身衣是迷人的日常必備品。漂亮的泡泡袖設計和正面可愛的刺繡讓這款單品真正脫穎而出。採用伸縮性佳的羅紋織紋布面,和有機棉材質柔軟親膚,提供完美的透氣性。這款連身褲的鬆緊袖口確保全天舒適,背部和褲檔設有按扣,方便穿脫更換尿布。可愛的波浪邊領使連身衣獨一無二。讓您的小寶貝既能單穿,也能搭配 Donsje 芭蕾薄紗裙,成為一套迷人又氣質的穿搭!

實測平量尺寸約 cm
12-18m 胸寬:23.5 衣長:41
18-24m 胸寬:26 衣長:43
24-30m 胸寬:27 衣長:46

主要成分:95% 有機棉 5% 彈性纖維 (GOTS)


Size in months EU size US size UK size Length in cm Chest in cm Waist in cm
0-3M 56 3M 0M 56 38 41
3-6M 62 6M 3M 62 42 42
6-9M 68 9M 6M 68 45 43
9-12M 74 12M 9M 74 47 44
12-18M 80 18M 12M 80 48.5 45
18-24M 86 24M 18M 86 50 46
24-30M 92 3T 24M 92 51.5 47


Donsje的皮革、織物和材料均符合嚴格的歐盟 (REACH)、美國和全球關於產品安全的要求標準。更與荷蘭簽訂AGT公約,讓承諾變得透明化,完整的執行保障人權、環境與動物的福祉,在符合國際檢視標準內才能使用的材料來源。

產品均與專門的工廠合作並僱用當地工匠,他們在安全和積極的氛圍中工作並獲得公平的報酬。Donsje 將其部分利潤捐贈給由 Donsje 創始人建立位於肯亞的內羅畢學校 Shining Star 基金會。目前已提供超過250位孩童更好的教育。

Brand, Donsje


My funny bunny! The Nowie Bodysuit is a charming everyday essential. Let your little darling wear it as is, or layer it with a Donsje cardigan or jacket. Its beautiful puff-sleeve design and lovely embroidery at the front make this item truly stand out. Snap fasteners along the back and at the crotch, along with elasticated sleeve openings, ensure comfort in wearing all day long.

Main: 95% Organic cotton 5% Elastane (GOTS)
Embroidered embellishment
Handmade & fairtrade
Made in Portugal

Donsje's leather, fabrics and materials are in compliance with strict European Union (REACH), US and global product safety requirements. It also signed the 
AGT Convention with the Netherlands to make the commitment transparent, and to fully implement the protection of human rights, the environment and the welfare of animals, and the source of materials that can only be used within compliance with international inspection standards.

The products all cooperate with specialized factories and hire local craftsmen, who work in a safe and positive atmosphere and get fair remuneration. Donsje donated part of his profits to the Shining Star Foundation, a Nairobi school established by Donsje founders in Kenya. Currently, more than 250 children have been provided with better education.