Duo Pram Hook Clip Set - Black 嬰兒車多功能掛勾 黑色 2入

$860 TWD

Duo Pram Clip Set 嬰兒車掛勾 = 2 個 Hooki 掛勾

 Original Hooki 嬰兒車掛勾在澳大利亞設計製造,時尚而精緻,已
通過世界最受歡迎的嬰兒車上進行試驗和安全測試,Hooki 適應性強,適合所有嬰兒推車把手。它們對您的嬰兒車非常溫和,不會劃傷或損壞您的嬰兒推車把手,也不會輕易晃動,是您攜帶嬰兒與推車外出時急需的額外雙手,同時可以幫助您無論是否有育兒需求都能享受到它對您帶來減輕負擔的感受。


我們知道,當您帶著新生兒、嬰兒或孩子外出時,您總是忙得不可開交。有時,寶寶正在哭鬧時,您無需彎下腰再去尋找孩子的零食或奶嘴,將手提包、尿布袋或購物袋放在靠近您的位置並牢固的使用我們的 Hooki 嬰兒車掛勾在您的嬰兒車把手上,一切都能更輕鬆自在。

Hooki 嬰兒車掛鉤是新媽媽和新父母的必備品。它們是適合嬰兒滿月或作為新生兒禮物的絕佳實用禮物。這是他們實際使用的禮物之一,即使是最挑剔的新手父母!

每個 Hooki 能夠承載 5 公斤 - 這相當於每個 35 個馬鈴薯!  採用優質材料製作:純素皮革,每條 Hooki 帶子均採用超強尼龍魔鬼氈固定,可牢固地固定在任何嬰兒車把手上。我們堅固的鋁質啞光黑色登山扣夾極輕鋁合金不易變形,它已準備好幫助您的育兒生活。

可輕鬆承載 5 公斤 

Compatible With These Brands & More

適合任何嬰兒車: 我們漂亮的 Hooki 嬰兒車夾可輕鬆固定在任何嬰兒車或嬰兒車上。它們為購物袋、更衣袋或您作為父母必須攜帶的所有其他物品提供方便的額外存儲空間。 


Easy open & close
Hooki Clip

每個 Hooki 可輕鬆承載 5 公斤
Easily holds
5kg per Hooki

Super Strong
Velcro Support

Hooking Happy


我們是地球環境的一份子:包裝和郵寄袋 100% 不含塑料且 100% 可生物降解,這是我們的承諾


They're Hooking Fantastic!

Our Hooki Pram Hooks are a functional accessory for your pram whilst out and about. Easily attach to any pram's handle using our super strong velcro and gain a much needed extra pair of hands.

Finished in Vegan PU Leather with a strong Matte Black Aluminium Clip Hook, our Hooki Pram Hooks ooze style and sophistication whilst being there to help you with your shopping or lighten your load.

Duo Pram Clip Set = 2 Hooki Pram Hooks in our classic tan brown vegan leather.

Designed in Melbourne, Australia, our Original Hooki Pram Hooks are a much needed extra pair of hands when out and about with a pram or stroller.

Capable of holding 5kg per Hooki - that's the equivalent of 35 potatoes each! 

CRAFTED IN PREMIUM MATERIALS : Featuring high quality Vegan PU leather, with super strong velcro fastening each Hooki strap securely fastens in place on any pram handle. Our strong Aluminium Matte Black Carabiner Clip is ready to take the load.

CAREFULLY CURATED COLOURS : One colour doesn't suit all. That's why we put together a considered collection of nine colour-ways to match all prams, accessories and tastes. 

FITS ANY PRAM : Our beautiful Hooki pram clips easily attach to any pram or stroller. They provide handy extra storage for shopping bags, changing bags or all the other things you have to carry as a parent. 

DOING OUR PART FOR THE ENVIRONMENT : Our packaging & mailing bags are 100% plastic-free and 100% biodegradable - yippee! Is that a hug from Mother Nature we feel?

Pram Hooks & Pram Clips for Bags

Perfect for whilst out and about with your baby or child, our Hooki Pram Hooks easily attach to any pram using our super strong velcro. Finished in the highest quality Vegan PU Leather and packaged in 100% plastic free packaging, we're passionate about creating a brand that's kind on the environment and on the eyes.

We've tried and tested on Australia's most popular Pram & Stroller Brands. Easily attach to your pram's handle and off you go! They're gentle on your pram, they won't scratch or damage your pram handle and don't wiggle about.

Our Hookis have been put through their paces. Whether they lend a helping hand when shopping or simply there to assist with all the sh*t you have to carry for your kids... Our Hooki Pram Hooks are here to serve you - shame they don't come with a chiseled jawline and a 6-pack. Easily capable of holding 5kg per Hooki - that's the equivalent of 35 potatoes!

Pram Hooks for Nappy Bags, Handbags & Shopping Bags

We understand that when you're out and about with your newborn, baby or child, you've always got your hands full. Sometimes you don't need to be bending down to hunt for your screaming 18 month old's snack your bag under a million other things in the bottom of your pram... Keep your handbag, nappy bag or shopping bags close to you and securely attached to your pram's handle with our Hooki pram hooks.

Hooki Pram Hooks are an essential for new mums and new parents. They make a great functional gift for a baby shower or as a new baby present. It's one of those gifts that they'll actually use, even for the fussiest of new parents!

Designed in Australia

The Hooki team are a bunch of creative women passionate about providing style with functionality based in Melbourne, Australia. We designed our Hooki Pram Hooks in our Melbourne Studio and obsessed over our collection to deliver something to suit every parent's style.