5 Little Bears, Franki and the Banksia 弗蘭基和班克西亞

$580 TWD

所有產品均在澳大利亞新南威爾斯州的紐卡斯爾當地手工製作。獨立製作!沒有任何外包商。5 little bears是以 Leanne Murner(創始人)的 5 個男孩命名的。Leanne 考慮到教育和可持續性,為孩子們創造了令人驚嘆的玩具。5LB 團隊實際上是在裝載機器、打包訂單、印製標籤,一切都在這裡完成,由澳洲的媽媽團隊完成。

“加入 Franki 和 Poppy John 一起進行充滿知識的冒險,並在這個色彩繽紛、溫暖人心的故事中了解澳大利亞本土植物和樹木、鳥類和蜜蜂、動物和昆蟲。 

我們很高興地宣布,除了拼圖之外,Leanne 還出版了 6 本書系列中的第一本,Franki and the Banksia,其餘的將於 2021 年晚些時候出版。 Leanne 想教孩子們了解澳大利亞本土的動植物,它們是什麼以及誰需要它們來生存。Leanne 正忙於編寫另一系列書籍,教孩子們了解澳大利亞動物及其棲息地、威脅以及我們如何提供幫助。 

Leanne 熱衷於教育兒童了解澳大利亞野生動物和防止滅絕的必要性。

由 Leanne Murner 撰寫,Kat Fox 繪製插圖。 


25 x 25 cm / 24 頁


"Join Franki on his knowledge filled adventure with Poppy John and learn all about native Australian plants and trees, birds and bees, animals and insects in this colourful heart-warming story. 

We are so excited to announce in addition to the puzzles Leanne has also published the first of a series of 6 children's books, Franki and the Banksia with the remaining being published later in 2021. Leanne wanted to teach kids about Australian native flora and fauna, what they are and who needs them to survive. Leanne is busy working an another series of books teaching kids about Australian animals and their habitat, threats and how we can help. 

Leanne is passionate about the need for children to be educated on Australian wildlife and the prevention of extinction.

Written by Leanne Murner and Illustrated by Kat Fox.

Soft cover book

25 x 25 cm / 24 pages