Konges Sløjd, Large shell pool - Unicorn 貝殼大泳池 獨角獸

$2,600 TWD $3,250

我們的大型淺水池專為在陽光明媚、溫暖的日子裡提供時尚的嬉水和戲水樂趣。可當球池使用,發揮它無限的可能。由耐用的 PVC 製成的大型透明充氣水池,扇貝形收尾設計。適用 3y+

直徑:160 cm 高:45 cm
80% 填充時的水容量:403.2 L

根據歐洲標準 EN-71-1
通過CE 測試由耐用、無毒的不含鄰苯二甲酸鹽的 PVC 製成

警告: 所有級別的水對所有年齡的兒童都是危險的。

丹麥品牌Konges Sløjd專為嬰兒、兒童和家庭打造簡約、斯堪的納維亞風格和時尚的產品,專注於質量、功能和簡約。產品由 GOTS 認證的有機棉在具有公平工作條件的工廠中製成。從嬰兒必需品(薄紗布、尿布袋、圍兜和牙膠)到漂亮的裝飾品和玩具(床罩、餐具、木製玩具)和甜美配飾,應有盡有


Large inflatable pool made from durable PVC. Designed with scallop endings.

D : 160 cm H : 45 cm

3 years+

Wipe clean with a damp cloth. Keep away from fire.

Never leave your child unattended - drowning hazard. Not suitable for children under 3 years. Children have drowned in portable swimming pools. Ensure active adult supervision at all times. Do not leave children unsupervised in or around the pool - keep them within arm's reach. Empty and store safely after use.

Water capacity at 80 percent filling : 403.2 liters


Konges Sløjd is a creative brand who salutes the wild.Our brand aims to blaze a trail for garments, toys and interior produced in a way that is kinder to the environment and made to last. Everything is crafted to survive snuggly newborns, adventurous toddlers or curious children and still be passed on - not only to siblings but to future generations.