LIEWOOD, Babbo Christmas (Gift) Calendar - Holiday/Sandy mix 聖誕降臨日曆 - 聖誕假期 聖誕倒數月曆 聖誕掛飾

$2,363 TWD $3,150

打開這款 Babbo 降臨節日曆,讓聖誕節的魔力從 12 月 1 日起進入您的家中。聖誕日曆由編號 1 到 24 的口袋組成,放入每天倒數的禮物,製造您的孩子每天都會打開的驚喜回憶。在聖誕老人把禮物放入聖誕樹下之前,我們已經足夠度過一個美妙而神奇的十二月了。所以你每年都可以拿出它來享受聖誕節的魔力。

日曆採用非常漂亮和美觀且由 100% 有機棉製成,還能完美融入您的室內裝飾。如果您想要一個可以隨著孩子興趣的變化而年復一年地補充的日曆,那麼 Babbo 聖誕日曆就是您的最佳選擇。當你的孩子還是個幼兒的時候就開始這個傳統,並使其成為一個家庭傳統。



材質:100% 有機棉
尺寸:長 100cm,寬 50cm

LIEWOOD 專注於功能性和創新,設計和生產嬰兒和兒童玩具、室內裝飾、家具、配飾、服裝和鞋類,所有這些都以美學、質量和意識為出發點,而這正是讓 LIEWOOD 成為有趣和公平選擇的核心價值觀。深深植根於北歐設計傳統,我們所做的一切都經過深思熟慮,並始終採用現代設計。


If you want a calendar you can refill year after year as your child's interests change, the Babbo Christmas Calendar is the one for you. Start the tradition when your child is a toddler and make it a family tradition.

  • A calendar that can be used over and over again every year
  • Stash the package in your pocket or hang it on the front of your calendar
  • designed in Denmark
  • made from 100% organic cotton
  • do not wash, tumble dry, bleach, dry clean and iron
  • wipe with damp cloth

Dimensions: W50 x L100 cm

With a focus on functionality and innovation, LIEWOOD designs and produces toys, interior, furniture, accessories, wear and footwear for babies and children all which made with aesthetics, quality, and consciousness in mind. Exactly the core values that make LIEWOOD the fun and fair choice.

Our universe is deeply rooted in the Nordic design tradition,and everything we do is done with care and consideration, and always with a contemporary take on design.