Liewood, Ulla Step Stool Oat 防滑腳踏椅凳 腳踏凳 燕麥棕

$2,180 TWD



Ulla 兒童防滑梯凳由竹子混合物製成,是一種很好的可持續替代品。輕巧的設計帶有防滑圖案。
  • 材質:70% 三聚氰胺和 30% 竹纖維
  • 表面帶有防滑紋
  • 方便移動的熊貓形孔
  • 該產品的最大承重為 50 公斤。
  • 裝在一個漂亮的盒子裡

尺寸:高度 18cm,寬度 36cm,深度 23cm

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          The Ulla Step Stool for children is made from a bamboo mix which is a great sustainable alternative. The lightweight design has an anti-slip pattern.

          • Material: 70% melamine and 30% bamboo
          • 1-step
          • Surface is equipped with anti-slip pattern
          • Panda-shaped hole for mobility
          • The product has a max bearing load of 50 kg.
          • Delivered in a beautiful box

          Dimensions: Heigth 18 cm, Width 36 cm, Depth 23 cm

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