Mushie, Fabric Clips - Roman Green 有機棉織布奶嘴夾 羅馬綠

$545 TWD


Mushie 織物奶嘴夾 details

  • 長度:約20cm
  • 材質:由100%有機棉製成
  • 木質材料:木扣由天然海灘木材製成
  • 表扣無鉛
  • 安全標準:EN12586
  • 不可用洗碗機清洗,只能用天然洗劑手洗清潔
  • 出於安全原因,請勿拉長奶嘴夾,也不要將奶嘴夾連接到繩索、絲帶、鞋帶或衣服的鬆散部分。當嬰兒在嬰兒床、床或嬰兒床無人監督時也不要使用
  • 每次使用前檢查整個奶嘴夾,一旦發現軟弱或損壞跡象就請勿再使用

Mushie,受到丹麥設計和生活方式的啟發,風格現代而簡約,卻在色彩中帶著復古色調, 產品均使用食品級矽膠製成,是新手父母們最易入手的品牌。


With a pacifier clip your baby’s pacifier will be safely secured to their clothing. The pacifier clip prevents the pacifier from being lost or dropped on the floor, and it will also give your baby easy access to self-soothing when needed. The clip makes sure that the pacifier is always nearby.
Combine the clip with your baby’s favorite pacifier.


Mushie fabric pacifier clips details

  • Length: approx. 8"
  • Fabric material: The fabric is made from 100% organic cotton
  • Wood material: The wood clasp are made from natural beach wood
  • Clasp is lead free
  • Safety standard: EN12586

Mushie pacifier clips warnings

  • Not dishwasher safe, wash only by hand with soap and water
  • Do not lengthen the pacifier clip and do not attach is to cords, ribbons, laces, or loose parts of clothing for safety reasons. Also do not use when baby is in a cot, bed, or crib unsupervised
  • Check the whole pacifier clip before each use, and throw away at first sign of weakness or damage