Raduga Grëz, Oval rainbow 拱門積木

$1,280 TWD

Raduga Grez 產品由天然木材製成。因此,請注意顏色、紋理和標記方面的細微變化。這些不是缺陷,而是獨特的跡象,可作為其天然來源的證據。Raduga Grëz 是“Rainbow Dreams”的俄語翻譯

Matryoshka 是一款絕對讓孩子著迷的驚喜遊戲。

Matryoshka Acorn可以打開和關閉,按大小排列,在零件中可以隱藏羽毛、大珠子、栗子等寶物。你可以把兩半放在另一個上面,把它們藏在裡面或建造一座塔。您可以將橡子放在托兒所周圍,給孩子一個籃子,然後將它們收集在一起,為松鼠野餐。


Matryoshka Acorn 是通過車床方法製成的——將圓坯放在旋轉機器上,工匠用鋒利的刀將木材製成所需的形狀。這是一種古老的技術,很少有人擁有它。因此,玩具的數量是有限的。但多虧了它,俄羅斯套娃的各個部分都非常光滑,易於打開和關閉。這款玩具體現了我們最喜歡的組合——天然木材和環保塗料。



RADUGA GRЁZ由第三代木匠在俄羅斯手工製造。由實木和無毒水性塗料製成。從負責任的供應商處購買的優質木材陰影可能與屏幕上的陰影不同。樹木特有的斑點或木紋是可能的。請注意細節和尺寸可能略有不同,因為這是手工製作的。



size 12x12x4 cm


Raduga Grez products are made of natural wood. Therefore, please pay attention to subtle changes in color, texture, and markings. These are not defects, but unique signs that can be used as evidence of their natural origin. Raduga Grëz is the Russian translation of "Rainbow Dreams"

Matryoshka Acorn

Matryoshka is a surprise game that absolutely fascinates children.

Matryoshka Acorn can be opened and closed, arranged according to size, in the parts you can hide feathers, large beads, chestnuts and other treasures. You can put the halves one on top of another, hide them inside each other or build a tower. You can place the acorns around the nursery, give a basket to a child and collect them together to make a picnic for the squirrels.

Children love opening and closing nesting dolls, arranging them by height, and are delighted to see that a large thing hides many small ones. But traditional Russian matryoshkas are not kids-friendly enough – the wood is rough and closes too tightly.

Matryoshka Acorn is made by lathe method – a round billet is put on a rotating machine and the craftsman uses a sharp knife to give the desired shape to the wood. This is an old technique and very few people own it. Therefore, the number of toys is limited. But thanks to it, the parts of matryoshka dolls are perfectly smooth, easy to open and close. And this toy embodies our favorite combination – natural wood and eco-friendly paint.

How to play: 

  • Play the pieces like the dishes 
  • Hide the small objects under the hats
  • Put a small toy inside, hide the nesting doll in the nursery and play "cold and hot"
  • Put inside little notes for each other 
Due to the uncontrollable situation of international transportation, the packaging of the goods is somewhat imperfect. This is inevitable during the transportation process. Please do not place an order if you are looking for perfect packaging. Before placing an order, you can contact us to inquire about the condition of the product. After the order is placed, the return and exchange of the same reason will not be accepted.