Pigeon, Summer Sweatshirt - Green 夏季衛衣 綠 1-4y

$690 TWD $1,150


材質:100% GOTS 認證有機棉(汗布)

品牌尺寸建議 :

Newborn up to 56 cm
0-3 months up to 62 cm
0-5 months up to 66 cm
3-6 months up to 68 cm
6-12 months up to 77 cm
12-18 months up to 85 cm
1-2 years up to 90 cm
2-3 years up to 98 cm
3-4 years up to 104 cm
4-5 years up to 110 cm
5-6 years up to 116 cm
6-7 years up to 122 cm
7-8 years up to 128 cm

PIGEON 喜歡小眾經營保有天然原創的理念,設計可愛、色彩豐富且實用,且尊重您孩子的皮膚、製作衣服的工人以及地球!美麗柔軟的棉花是來自土耳其 100% 有機種植,整個生產符合國際勞工組織(ILO)制定的社會標準。公司的所有電力都來自可再生能源,努力盡量減少對環境的影響。所有產品系列幾乎均獲得了土壤協會根據全球有機紡織品標準(GOTS)的認證,以道德為原則永恆發展。


Easy summer sweatshirt with button opening.

FABRIC: 100% GOTS certified organic cotton (sweat fabric)

About Pigeon
Our beautifully soft cotton is 100% organic and our clothes are made in a small number of factories which adhere to fair labour practices. Within our small Oxford base, we also try to minimise our own environmental impact, so all of our company’s electricity comes from renewable sources and we are currently in transition to compostable bags for our packaging. 

Almost our entire range is certified by the Soil Association in accordance with GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard).