Roe & Joe, Sayan Dungaree 薩揚連身工裝褲 2-6y

$1,085 TWD $1,550

舒適連身衣的寬鬆形狀將為孩子帶來活動自由。炎熱夏天的完美風格。 肩帶可調整長度。

我們的裁縫師來自 Mazurian-Pomeranian 地區的 Jola 女士,精心縫製了這款連身衣。Roe & Joe 是一個#womanowned 品牌。我們是一個女性團隊,共同努力建設一個新的、更美好的未來。織品來自歐盟。

成分: 30% 亞麻, 70% 粘膠纖維


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The relaxed shape of the comfy rompers will bring freedom of movement for the kid. Perfect stylization for a hot summer. 

The rompers were sewn with the greatest care by our tailor - Ms. Jola from the Mazurian-Pomeranian region. Roe & Joe is a #womanowned brand. We are a team of women, working together to build a new, better future.

The fabric is from the EU.

Dimensions: Size chart

Kolor: grey

Certificate: OEKO-TEX

Composition: 30% linen, 70% viscose