Stuckies, Classic Singles - Wood 防滑襪 樹木 0m-4y

$310 TWD

優質的設計已是瑞典的國民襪了!最牢固不跑位的幼童防滑襪,襪筒內有 100% 純矽膠防滑設計,襪底更有獨家微笑防滑條,保護孩子走跑跳都不容易滑倒與跌倒,展現猶如吸盤的穩定。

這些襪子將整天牢牢固定在原位。採用 90% 棉、8% 聚酰胺和 2% 彈性纖維製成,它們也非常舒適。腳趾前端採用無縫襪頭設計,確保即使是最敏感的寶寶腳趾也不會受到刺激。

0-6m = 10cm
6-12m = 11cm
1-2y = 12cm
2-3y = 13.5cm
3-4y = 15.5cm


材質: 90% 棉、8% 聚酰胺、2% 彈性纖維,防滑設計為 100% 純矽膠 

STUCKIES® 來自瑞典,已是全球最知名與品質最好的防滑襪設計品牌,目標是讓 品牌商品成為每位孩童最友善的成長夥伴,即使是肌膚敏感的孩子也能穿,採用最優質的設計與合格織品 ,STUCKIES® 襪子通過了 STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® 認證,這意味著我們襪子上的每一根線和矽膠點都不含有害物質,您的孩子可以安全穿著。



STUCKIES® - the socks that actually stay on. 

With a 100% pure silicone grip on the inside of the shaft, these socks will stay securely in place all day long. Made with 90% cotton, 8% polyamide, and 2% elastane, they're also incredibly comfortable. The seamless toe with a flat seam ensures that even the most sensitive toes won't be irritated.

Size : Please follow the child's shoe size for the best fit. If you are unsure of which size is best or if your little one is between sizes, we recommend sizing up. See size guide for more information. 

Material : 90% cotton, 8% polyamide, 2% elastane, and 100% pure silicone on the inside of the shaft 

How to Wear and Care

We aim to make STUCKIES® a universal fit even for our sensitive little ones. Here are some tips for all little ones new to STUCKIES®:  Monitor your baby's skin as you introduce STUCKIES®. Avoid overnight use, unless socks are worn over pants or leggings.Discontinue use if your baby's skin becomes irritated.

Certificates: STUCKIES® socks are certified according to STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX®, meaning every thread and silicone dot on our socks is free of harmful substances and safe for your child to wear.