Stuckies, Newborn Gift Set 4 pairs - Doe 寶寶襪新生兒禮盒 小鹿 0-3m

$1,290 TWD

送禮自用均合宜的禮盒設計, 4入組的優質精梳棉襪,採用持久技術,旨在讓小腳趾保持舒適和溫暖。禮盒為新生兒適用 STUCKIES® 襪子尺寸,是送給任何新父母的完美禮物,完美貼合特別嬌嫩的嫩嬰肌膚上。

腳長建議尺寸 : 新生兒 0-3m

材質: 90% 棉、8% 聚酰胺、2% 彈性纖維

STUCKIES® 來自瑞典,已是全球最知名與品質最好的防滑襪設計品牌,目標是讓 品牌商品成為每位孩童最友善的成長夥伴,即使是肌膚敏感的孩子也能穿,採用最優質的設計與合格織品 ,STUCKIES® 襪子通過了 STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® 認證,這意味著我們襪子上的每一根線和矽膠點都不含有害物質,您的孩子可以安全穿著。



Give the gift of STUCKIES® socks that stay on!

This set includes everything you need to get started with STUCKIES® socks and makes a perfect gift for any new parent. Designed to stay on extra sensitive skin.

Colors : Doe

Size : Newborn to three months

Ingredients : 90% cotton, 8% polyamide, 2% elatane

Overview :
This bundle includes a 4-pack of our premium combed cotton socks with stay-on technology, designed to keep tiny toes cozy and warm. The bundle also includes a 3-pack of our high absorbency bibs, made from muslin cotton they're gentle on sensitive skin and keep little ones dry.

How to Wear and Care
We aim to make STUCKIES® a universal fit even for our sensitive little ones. Here are some tips for all little ones new to STUCKIES® : Monitor your baby's skin as you introduce STUCKIES®.Avoid overnight use, unless socks are worn over pants or leggings.Discontinue use if your baby's skin becomes irritated.