The Noa Bodysuit Camel 諾亞連身包屁衣 駝色 6-24m

$1,320 TWD

Noa 連衣褲採用我們涼爽的滾花棉製成,是嫩嬰寶寶的首選。它的側面有兩個按扣以及襠部按扣,方便穿脫。其貼身的包裹設計使其深受父母和寶寶的喜愛,因為它可以輕鬆打開和關閉,無需拉過寶寶的頭,也不會刺激新生兒的肚臍。

• 成分:100% 滾花棉
• 葡萄牙以愛製造


NB 0-3M 3-6M 6-9M 9-12M 12-18M 18-24M 2-3Y 3-4Y 4-5Y 5-6Y 6-7Y 7-8Y 8-9Y 9-10Y
CHEST 22cm 23cm 24cm 25cm 26cm 27cm 28cm 29cm 30cm 32cm 34cm 36cm 37.5cm 39cm 40.5cm
TOTAL LENGTH 35cm 37cm 39cm 41cm 43cm 45cm 47cm 49cm 51cm 53cm 56cm 59cm 61cm 63cm 65cm

The simple Folk 是極簡主義系列的品牌,以自然靈感、道德、有機和高舒適度的遊戲服著名,它們易於穿著、易於洗滌且易於感知,因此它們的款式質料能陪伴孩童更久的時間。追求多功能、永恆的單品,奢華柔軟、實用、無圖案、採用無毒面料和染料製成,並以環保和社會意識的方式創造,絕對是寶寶首選的單品質料。(因全天然布料,若產品有視覺上的織法錯位,均屬正常)

Made with our cooling tumbled cotton, The Noa Bodysuit is the go-to for little ones on the move. It features two snaps on the side as well as crotch snaps for easy on and off. Its snuggly wrap design makes it beloved by both parent and baby for its effortless on and off, with no need to pull on over the baby's head, and nothing to irritate your newborn’s belly button. 

• Composition: 100% tumbled cotton
• Available in: CAMEL, ECRU
• Made with love in Portugal

Brand, The simple Folk