The Saturday Baby, Garden Toy Set in Coral 珊瑚花園矽膠玩具組

$1,360 TWD

來自美國The Saturday Baby 的所有產品均採用現代風格設計,每種顏色都是精心挑選從Pantones中挑選出來,既實用又時尚。矽膠商品均採用 100% 食品級矽膠材料,能讓清洗變得更輕鬆,無論您身在何處!我們的矽膠商品都能適用洗碗機,若在旅途中也能輕鬆地擦拭它們。



當然,您總是可以放心,因為我們所有的產品都經過 FDA 批准,不含 BPA、PVC 和 BPS。 


感謝您光臨 The Saturday Baby,希望您喜歡我們的產品! 

Introducing the Saturday Baby Garden Toy Set which includes a watering can and rake! Made of our signature colors to better match your lifestyle. Our Garden Toy Set was made for your little one to work beside you in the yard, water house plants, play with in the tub and take to the park to dig in the sand box. Our Garden Toy Set is the perfect addition to our beach toy set. The silicone is a more eco friendly alternative to other options on the market.  

All of The Saturday Baby products are a modern-style that are designed to be both functional and stylish. Our 100% food grade silicone material makes cleaning easier, no matter where you are! Wipe them down or rinse them off. Of course you can always feel safe knowing that all of our products are FDA approved, BPA, PVC, and BPS free. 

Thanks for stopping by The Saturday Baby, we hope you love our products!