The simple Folk, The Quilted Salopette 絎縫吊帶褲 沙色、蘑菇 12m-5y

$3,720 TWD

我們的絎縫系列使用世界上第一個也是獨家唯一的由 100% 可再生資源和零塑料製成的可生物降解填料。這種開創性的商品是我們獨有的,具有絕緣性、透氣性,不僅有益於穿著它的人的福祉,而且對我們的地球很友好。

當天氣需要額外的層時,我們的經典絎縫 Salopette 提供溫暖、舒適和魅力。它採用可調節絎縫肩帶和全長直筒款式,鬆緊腰帶適用兩歲以下尺碼,拉絲黃銅拉鍊適合兩歲以上。

  • 成分:外層 - 100% GOTS 有機棉;填料 - 60% GOTS 有機棉、25% TENCEL™、15% Ingeo™
  • Model圖為沙色
  • 在葡萄牙用愛製造


      12-18M 43cm 43cm 22cm
      18-24M 47cm 44cm 23cm
      2-3Y 52cm 45cm 26.5cm
      3-4Y 57cm 46cm 27cm
      4-5Y 62cm 47cm 28cm
      5-6Y 70cm 48.5cm 29.8cm
      6-7Y 78cm 50cm 31.5cm
      7-8Y 82cm 51cm 33cm
      8-9Y 84cm 51cm 34cm
      9-10Y 86cm 52cm 35cm
      由於織品彈性 係數、水洗工藝、測量點等原因,可能與實際產品有 ±2cm 的偏差,經檢驗標準政策均屬測量可接受範圍,不屬於瑕疵。

      The simple Folk 是極簡主義系列的品牌,以自然靈感、道德、有機和高舒適度的遊戲服著名,它們易於穿著、易於洗滌且易於感知,因此它們的款式質料能陪伴孩童更久的時間。追求多功能、永恆的單品,奢華柔軟、實用、無圖案、採用無毒面料和染料製成,並以環保和社會意識的方式創造,絕對是寶寶首選的單品質料。(因全天然布料,若產品有視覺上的織法錯位,均屬正常)

      Developed by us in response to the lack of plastic-free quilting in the marketplace, our quilted collection uses the world’s first and only biodegradable wadding made with 100% renewable resources and zero plastics. This pioneering fabric, unique to us, is insulating, breathable, and is not only good for the well-being of those who wear it but is also friendly to our planet.

      When the weather calls for an extra layer, our classic Quilted Salopette offers warmth, comfort, and charm. It features adjustable quilted straps, and a full-length, straight-leg fit, with an elasticated waistband for sizes up to two years and a brushed brass zip for over two years.

      • Composition: Outer - 100% GOTS organic cotton; Wadding - 60% GOTS organic cotton, 25% TENCEL™, 15% Ingeo™
      • Available in: MUSHROOM
      • Made with love in Portugal

          Brand, The simple Folk