TSF, The Essential Glove WinterBerry 有機羊駝手套 冬莓 0-10y

$1,460 TWD

用我們經典舒適的手套讓他們的小手指保持溫暖。它們由奢華的羊駝毛製成(下文詳細介紹了它的道德起源),用繩子方便地拴在一起,所以它們不會輕易放錯地方。將它們與羅紋上衣結合使用 ,讓它們整個季節都保持舒適。

我們的“嬰兒”羊駝毛取自動物的第一層純羊毛,因此非常柔軟、舒適、隔熱且可持續。這件作品是與小型家族式羊駝牧場合作以負責任的方式製作的,並賦予了當地工匠力量,在玻利維亞高地產生了社會和經濟影響。 每件作品都是獨一無二的,顏色或外觀可能略有不同。

• 成分:100% 嬰兒羊駝毛
• 無拇指設計,適合 0-12M 碼
• 在玻利維亞用愛手工製作


0-6M 4cm 3.5cm 8cm
6-12M 5cm 4.5cm 9cm
1-2Y 6.5cm 5.5cm 12cm
2-4Y 7cm 6cm 14.5cm
4-6Y 7.5cm 6cm 15.5cm
6-8Y 8cm 6.5cm 18cm
8-10Y 9cm 6.5cm 18.5cm

The simple Folk 是極簡主義系列的品牌,以自然靈感、道德、有機和高舒適度的遊戲服著名,它們易於穿著、易於洗滌且易於感知,因此它們的款式質料能陪伴孩童更久的時間。追求多功能、永恆的單品,奢華柔軟、實用、無圖案、採用無毒面料和染料製成,並以環保和社會意識的方式創造,絕對是寶寶首選的單品質料。(因全天然布料,若產品有視覺上的織法錯位,均屬正常)


Keep their tiny fingers warm with our classic, cozy gloves. Made from luxurious alpaca wool (more on its ethical origin below), they’re conveniently tethered with string so they can’t be easily misplaced. Combine them with The Ribbed Top to keep them cozy all season long.

Our “baby” alpaca wool is taken from the animal’s first sheer making it incredibly soft, cozy, insulating, and sustainable. This piece was responsibly crafted in partnership with small, family-owned alpaca ranches and empowered local artisans, generating social and economic impact in the Bolivian Highlands. Each piece is uniquely one of a kind and may vary slightly in color or appearance.

• Composition: 100% baby alpaca wool
• Designed without thumbs for sizes 0-12M
• Available in: FAWN, WINTERBERRY
• Handcrafted with love in Bolivia

Brand, The simple Folk