Raduga Grëz, Women building blocks natural 女性積木

$2,448 TWD $2,880

女性積木 積木也能有教育意義
了解女孩的身體變化與如何保護自己,更賦予女性有孕育的神奇生命力。Raduga Grëz,創造這款積木是為了提醒世界女性身體的美麗、力量。樣性。


想想身體的不同部位有哪些相似之處。 例如,嘴唇像船,手臂像樹枝,呼吸的肚子像波浪一樣上升

size 19х28х2 cm


Women Building Blocks

A woman’s body conceives, bears, gives birth to a child. It expands and compresses, dances, takes into arms, calms down and heals with a kiss. We created these blocks to remind the world about the beauty, power and variety of women’s bodies.

You can decorate your interior with these blocks or give them to your child for playing, intuitive building and for learning adequate and loving attitude to the body.

How to play

  • Think of what different parts of the body are similar to. For example, lips look like a ship, arms are like branches of a tree, the breathing tummy rises like waves
  • Roll cars under the arches
  • Create the art installation devoted to mother