Wooden Story, Stacking Toy XL - Rainbow 幾何疊疊樂 彩虹

$2,090 TWD


由來自 FSC ®認證供應商的木材製成。

積木最大件尺寸 cm:5 L x 3,5 W x 3,8 H
積木最小件尺寸 cm:3.5 L x 3.5 W x 3.8 H
尺寸(不含包裝)cm:30.7 L x 7.3 W x 18 H
帶包裝的尺寸 cm:長 32.8 x 寬 8.3 x 高 19.5
重量 / 帶包裝 : 1 kg

Wooden Story 全系列商品產於波蘭貝斯基地山脈

我們的玩具是天然木頭做的,使用全天然生態認證塗料著色,不含有害化學物質,僅以天然蜂蠟和純植物油為我們的玩具帶來柔軟、光滑的表面Wooden Story,而我們的環保包裝不是為了一次性使用而設計的,我們的帆布袋和盒子設計為可重複使用或易於回收,在製作我們的商品時,只使用 FSC 認證的木材來保護環境。



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Wooden Montessori Stacking Toy. Can you help the figures to climb up the fence? How would you like to arrange them? With colours? Shapes? Or maybe mix them? Exercise your senses while playing! Touch – wood so soft from beeswax and botanical oils. Sight – natural, vintage like colours. Close your eyes... smell the wood. So beautiful, so soft from nature!

Made of wood that comes from FSC®certified suppliers.
Coloured with all natural, eco-certified paints.
Finished with beeswax and botanical oils, sanded perfectly smooth, soft to the touch.
Packed in a paperboard box, which is designed to be reused or easily recycled.
Free of harmful chemicals.
Product eco. Made in the Beskidy Mountains, Poland.

Dimensions of the largest piece cm : 5 L x 3,5 W x 3,8 H
Dimensions of the smallest piece cm : 3,5 L x 3,5 W x 3,8 H
Dimensions (without packaging)  cm : 30,7 L x 7,3 W x 18 H
Dimensions with packaging cm : 32,8 L x 8,3 W x 19,5 H
Weight /with packaging : 1 kg


Our toys are made of wood  Coloured with all natural eco - certified paints Free of harmful chemicals Beeswax and botanical oils give our toys a soft, polished finish Wooden Story eco - friendly packaging is not made to be thrown away, our canvas bags and boxes are designed to be reused or easily recycled

Cardboard packaging, before it is recycled, will give your child hours of fun. The surfaces inside have been adorned with a view of Babia Góra waiting for your child to fill it with colours.