ERBAVIVA Brand's Story

ERBAVIVA Brand's Story

October 15, 2021

our story

organic skincare pioneers robin brown and anna cirronis created erbaviva in los angeles’ artistic topanga canyon enclave in 1996. as early proponents of california’s organic food movement, erbaviva was born from the desire to apply the same principles of sustainability, ethics and quality to the products used on their children’s delicate skin.

in the early days, erbaviva products were crafted first for individual use and later for friends and family. today, the brand offers personal care products for pregnancy, baby and a global community of like-minded beauty seekers. erbaviva or “living herbs” in italian, features pure, usda certified organic ingredients that have been thoughtfully derived from nature. the expertly balanced formulas nourish the skin, using enriching botanicals, essential oils and living herbs, to yield exceptional results.

and while erbaviva has grown, the founding values of transparency, authenticity and organic integrity endure. erbaviva is still proudly made in los angeles— at its own clean, green solar powered manufacturing facility. it is among the few companies globally to achieve b corp certification, meeting rigorous standards of social and environmental performance, accountability and transparency.

why go organic?

the skin is the body’s largest living organ. it’s highly porous, allowing for harmful toxins and chemicals used in conventional cosmetics to be absorbed into the bloodstream and remain in human tissue for a long time.

the average woman absorbs four pounds of chemicals into her body from the use of conventional cosmetics each year.

the average child is exposed through common conventional body care products, like shampoo, lotion and sunscreen, to at least 27 harmful chemicals daily.

organic vs. natural

erbaviva is certified usda organic, the highest standard of organic in the united states. usda organic personal care products adhere to a strict set of government guidelines and are free of dangerous pesticides, fertilizers and toxic chemicals, including parabens, phthalates, sulfates, pegs and other endocrine disruptors. comparably, the term ‘natural’ is relatively undefined. ingredients derived from nature can be potentially unnatural, like genetically modified organisms (gmos), artificial fertilizers, toxic pesticides and herbicides.

erbaviva is a certified organic manufacturer holding several 3rd party verified
certifications. our products are compassionately made at the company’s own
renewable energy powered facility in southern california.


usda certified organic ingredients

nearly all of erbaviva products carry the highly stringent usda organic seal, certifying 95% or more of the ingredients are organic to the food standard. in most cases, the products carrying the usda organic seal are 99.94% organic.

COSMOS organic certification
soil association cosmos organic

the soil association’s (the uk equivalent to the usda) cosmos is a global standard for the certification of organic cosmetics. the cosmos organic symbol guarantees that erbaviva products adhere to exacting organic requirements and do not contain genetically modified ingredients, controversial chemicals, parabens, phthalates, synthetic fragrances and artificial colors

certified demeter biodynamic farming

demeter international independently certifies that the farmers and distillers from which we source our ingredients meet rigorous biodynamic requirements, in addition to practicing organic growing methods.

CERTIFIED B CORP certification
corporate responsibility - b corp

erbaviva is proud to be part of a global movement using business as a force for good. certified by nonprofit b lab, we are one of few corporations that meet the highest standards of independently verified social and environmental performance, public transparency, and legal accountability to balance profit and purpose.

measures of integrity

each and every product tells a story of purity and transparency. we have added
informational architecture to the label of each product so our customers
know exactly what can be expected from erbaviva.


cruelty free

erbaviva stands by cruelty free internationals’ efforts to end animal cruelty experiments worldwide by never testing products or ingredients on animals.

CORAL REEF SAFE certification
coral reef safe
erbaviva sunscreens are free of chemical ingredients that are harmful to our fragile underwater ecosystems
SULFATE PARABEN Free certification
sulfate paraben free

erbaviva products are made without harsh chemical surfactants, including sulfates and parabens, known to be linked to health issues.

VEGAN certification

select erbaviva products are labelled vegan and do not contain any animal by-products.

100 percent VEGETARIAN certification
100% vegetarian

erbaviva products are vegetarian and may contain humanely-sourced animal by-products such as milk, honey and beeswax.

FSC portrait
forest stewardship council 'fsc' certification

erbaviva supports the forest stewardship council’s (fsc) efforts to promote the practice of sustainable forestry worldwide by using unit cartons and gift boxes made with fsc-certified paper.

metric organic – over 70% organic

erbaviva values transparency and shares the specific percentage of organic ingredients in each product on its packaging.


erbaviva sources the highest quality organic ingredients from all over the world, with the utmost levels of therapeutic efficacy in mind. we work closely with farmers and distillers we trust, who practice certified organic farming methods that are in harmony with nature, protect soil, conserve water and safeguard wildlife.

our process:

organic, non-gmo seeds are grown in pure, rich soil without the use of pesticides, herbicides and synthetic chemicals.
after harvest, botanical extracts, essential oils and living herbs are derived through cold pressing, steam distillation, natural raw extraction or green chemistry, minimizing negative environmental impact and the over-production of waste.
lastly, cold pressed organic butters, oils, butters and waxes are infused with the carefully culled extracts to craft our exceptional personal care products.

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