Shipping and Returns

In order to ensure the smooth delivery of the order, please register and confirm the order information before purchasing.
Some products take a long time to prepare and are expected to be shipped in order of order. Thank you for your patience.

Transportation policy
Taiwan area is sent by the supermarket or home delivery courier you selected.
For non-Taiwan countries, DHL or EMS will be used for delivery.
Remind you that for packages that need to be sent to Taiwan, China, Hong Kong, and Macau, please fill in the complete receiving address in Chinese as much as possible.
An order can only be shipped to one address, and it cannot be combined or sent separately.
After the order is successfully paid, it will be shipped within 1-3 working days under normal circumstances. If there is additional stocking time, it will usually be reminded in the product page or we will inform you in addition, please be patient.

Taiwan address orders
Using 7-11 or FamilyMart store-to-store service, each order is lower than the free shipping standard, and the store-to-store logistics processing fee will be charged .
Use home delivery courier to send parcels to your home, and each order is lower than the free shipping standard, and a logistics processing fee will be charged.
When placing an order, the system will automatically bring in whether to charge the freight, please pay together with the product cost.

Orders from other countries
Other countries and regions, as well as other overseas regions and countries, use DHL or EMS for shipping.
If the order is lower than the free shipping standard, the system will automatically bring in whether to charge the shipping fee when placing the order, please pay together with the product cost.
Because the import tariff standards of different countries are different, if tariffs are generated or the goods are subject to random inspections, the cost will be borne by the recipient. If the recipient is unwilling to pick up the goods, the relevant expenses or losses caused by the destruction or return of the goods shall be borne by the purchaser. If uncontrollable factors occur during the delivery process, resulting in product damage and additional costs, the buyer or recipient will also be borne.


Taiwan address orders
According to the "Consumer Protection Law", consumers who purchase non-physical channels enjoy the 7-day appreciation period (including holidays) when the goods arrive. The 7-day appreciation period is a "consideration period" and not a "probation period". If it is unpacked, used, and loses its resale value due to lack of completeness, it cannot be returned or exchanged.
If there is a problem with the return of goods, the receipt of the goods is the first day of the appreciation period. Please inform us of the reason for return and exchange within three days. The goods must be returned within seven days. Please keep the complete packaging of the goods, including the tag unopened and With complete outer box, special packaging, sealing film, etc., we will handle the return for you as soon as possible. If it exceeds the seven-day appreciation period, we will not be able to accept returns.
If the product is customized or packaged, it cannot be returned.
Event discount products, discounted products, personal personal products, food, pacifiers, products with hygiene concerns, etc. will not be returned
If the product consumer completes the return of the returned product, the refund amount is the actual purchase amount at the time. If the freight is collected, it is an incurred cost and cannot be refunded. The return shipping fee is borne by the consumer.

(The store reserves the right to explain the final return and exchange of goods, please be sure to purchase carefully, any questions about the goods can be inquired by the message before purchasing, thank you for your understanding)

Orders from other countries
We do not support returns and exchanges, please purchase with caution.
Before shipment, we will confirm that the products are flawless and use cushioning materials to protect them. If damage occurs during transportation, we will request compensation from the transportation company for you.

Transportation time
The main island of Taiwan is about 1-3 days from the next day after delivery, and about 3-5 days for the outer islands.
The delivery days for normal international transportation in other countries are about 7-28 days.
※The above time does not calculate the time consumption caused by the epidemic situation, shipping schedule & flight delay, unmanned receipt, etc.

Order shipping instructions
Please ensure that your shipping and contact information is correct.
When shipping, we will send a shipping notification letter to your member mailbox, so please pay attention to the receipt.
If you fail to contact the recipient by phone or exceed the pickup time during delivery, your package will be returned to the logistics center or returned to our company. If you want to re-send, the recipient must pay for the return and re-sent. Round trip transportation fee.
If the recipient fails to pick up the package, and the product cannot be contacted at all after the product is returned, the order will be automatically cancelled on the 7th working day after the product is returned, and the order balance (original order amount) will be refunded by this website by means of shopping gold Need to deduct the round-trip freight for the uncollected package at that time). No matter what kind of non-pickup situation, the goods will no longer be reserved.
Except for defects or product errors, the freight will be borne by consumers.