Our Story

Summuse is named after my daughter, Shamu. The utterance of these syllables is like the sunshine in summer which takes away your gloomy state and brings you the energy of vitality. She can always bring you relaxed, peaceful and joyful mood naturally.
This is our brand. The Muse inspired us to bring you elegant, safe, certified, and green sustainable products from all over the world. The experience of shopping here will create most precious memories for you and your baby while maintaining a high quality lifestyle.

My past work experience focused on how chemical compounds protect or harm human skin and health. During years of experiences, I noticed that most consumers lack knowledge about materials and, thus, buy products mainly because of organic labels, discounted prices, in stock or celebrity endorsements. However, if consumers look closely at the ingredients and heat resistance, they will realize the product might not be as safe as they thought. In the past, I kept wondering what I can do more to pass on the knowledge to consumers, especially families with babies. Even if parents don’t have time to learn about the products, they still can have a convenient access to fashionable, beautiful and safe children-friendly products with reasonable prices. How wonderful it is!

With great gratitude, summuse finally launched in the summer of 2021. We offer parents an elegant and safe shopping platform. We will share all we know with you wholeheartedly and help you build wonderful family relationship brick by brick. We are not afraid when embracing love. We believe that with love, we cultivate our kids’ characters and their senses of art and beauty.

My name is Sabrina, the founder of summuse. Thank you for reading all about us. Please support, encourage and supervise us so that summuse can continuously offer high quality, reliable and beneficial daily products and service to mothers and babies. We hope to exert positive influence, and we believe in the essential balance of an ideal and cozy life.