不僅僅是泰國可持續玩具製造商,早在 1981 年,七名大學畢業生齊聚一堂,共同的使命是為世界注入正能量。Vitool Viraponsavan是該集團最強烈的人物之一,他建立了 PlanToys®,並從那時起一直激勵著全世界的兒童和家庭,而兒童發展是我們的重點。如今,PlanToys 已將業務擴展到亞洲、美洲、歐洲和澳大利亞——為各地社區帶來樂觀、創造力和對可持續發展的熱情。這三件事的融合也被稱為我們的“可持續方式”,其中還包括我們對可持續材料的使用、製造方法和思維方式。

We Are More Than Just A Toys Manufacturer.

Back in 1981, seven university graduates came together with a shared mission of infusing the world with positivity. Vitool Viraponsavan , one of the strongest voices of the group, went on to establish PlanToys® and has been inspiring children and families worldwide ever since.

Today, PlanToys has branched out to Asia, America, Europe and Australia – bringing optimism, creativity and a passion for sustainability to communities all over. The fusion of these three things is also known as our “Sustainable Way,” which further includes our use of sustainable materials, manufacturing methods and mindset.