1% Donation

1% Donation

You are part of our donation. Every of your purchases is the base of accumulating kindness. After every quarter, we will donate 1% of our quarterly revenue to various public welfare and environmental protection organizations. This is our basic promise to consumers and the Earth. The donation will not make the products more expensive. 

We always respect the essence of fair-trade, which is summuse’s proprietary spirit of whole-hearted appreciation. In the range of our capability, we will definitely amplify donation no matter if it’s from our revenue. In action, summuse’s first non-operating-income donation of $180,000 was to BREAD OF LIFE CHRISTIAN CHURCH, WORD OF LIFE, TAICHUNG in April, 2021. This move is to start the karmic cycle of kindness when summuse was established.

The three organizations to receive donations from this brand,

summuse, are the following:


World Vision

Médecins sans frontiers.

Under normal circumstances, our donation goes to these organizations in turns. If you have a specific organization in mind, feel free to write to us. After our evaluation, we will confirm if it’s possible to add it to the list.

Our contact email: info@summuse.com